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Thursday and Friday

Slept ok Wednesday night and got up ok on Thursday morning. Got Casey up and off to school, begrudgingly. He’s just not happy at school and this concerns me.

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, got on Wiz to garden, got on DDO to to the dice roll, then got on Aura Kingdom just for a tiny bit.

Had a dentist appointment to get the first half of my periodontal cleaning done. That was fun, not! The worst part is the injection of the lidocaine. Hurts like a bitch even with the numbing stuff they put on your gums first. That numbing stuff is sure tasty, though lol. Actually, the strong mint flavor of the wash they use in the periodontal is actually tasty as well. Also ended up with a prescription mouth wash to try and help keep my teeth in better shape.

Appointment went well and I was numb for a couple hours.

Headed home after and got back on Aura Kingdom. Played that on and off the rest of the day.

Got the dishes taken care of and made home chef for dinner. It was a delicious mushroom pasta bake, vegetarian.

After eating I started having a panic/pmdd attack. It was pretty rough for a while there.

Got Casey to bed on time and played Aura Kingdom until I was ready for bed myself, which wasn’t too late. There was a dungeon that Autumn and I were both stuck in, due to the difficulty of it. I kept trying different tactics, and somehow, miraculously, I was finally able to beat it. I was in such shock for so long, because it was really hard! I really thought that, after beating the first and second boss, I was going to be stuck in the dungeon for a while trying to figure out how to beat the final boss. I thought I may even need to leave it running overnight, because if I’d log off it’d put me back outside the dungeon and I’d have to do the first 2 bosses again. That would be such a PITA. But no, I beat the final boss, and was in a state of exhilarated shock until I finally went to bed.

Slept ok Thursday night, got up and did the same ole same ole. Got Casey off to school. When we were starting to head to the bus stop, he asked about me driving him to school. I told him he needs to ask in advance. I think maybe we’ll plan for Wednesdays I can drive him to school, but have him ride the bus the other days. I don’t think it’s a good idea either for me to have lunch with him too often, since he’s having such a difficult time this year adjusting to school. I’m worried that my presence, be it once a week or whatever, will disrupt the adjustment period. We’re still waiting to get in touch with someone at the school who can help us out with that.

Got my coffee, got on SL and parked, got on Wiz to tend the gardens, got on DDO to do the dice roll, then on to Aura Kingdom for my usual morning stuff.

Had another appointment with the dentist for the other half of my periodontal cleaning. For some reason, it was harder on me than it had been Thursday. I ended up with an upset stomach, and not entirely sure the reason. I wondered if I had accidentally swallowed some of the lidocaine, but reading online indicates that wouldn’t cause stomach upset. Possibly just anxiety?

Got back home and got on Aura Kingdom. Played on that on and off for the rest of the day, but wasn’t really doing much of anything.

I took care of the dishes, but didn’t really do much else chore-wise. I still had laundry in the dryer, too, that I just ignored.

Took care of bill pay stuff, a day early but we’d already gotten our mid-month paycheck. Things aren’t quite where I want them to be as far as paying off debt goes, but it’s not too terrible. Should be more comfortable in a month or two if we can get our extraneous spending under control, especially when it comes to groceries.

When Dave got home he was bitching about all the shit he had to take care of before leaving Sunday morning for Michigan for a week long class. He mentioned the litter box being one of the things that needed taken care of, and bitched about not having any help. He took Casey out to McDonald’s because I was planning to go out, so while they were gone I took care of the litter box and showered.

Went out and got some Quiznos for dinner, I hadn’t even realized there was one here in Tomah. Then I did a bit of bar-hopping until I settled on a place that had karaoke. I sang my heart out and was complimented tons on my voice. That felt good!

Came back home, and wrapped things up for the night on Aura Kingdom, which I’d left running while I was out. Got to bed just before 3am. Set my alarm so I wouldn’t sleep too late into Saturday.

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