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I got up later than I should have, considering Casey had a Therapy appointment. I got some coffee and got dressed while the computer booted, then made another cup of joe to go.

His Therapy appointment went well. We played a “Quarantine Bingo” game she’d made, there’s not really a lot we can do without interacting with her toys and such.

After Therapy, we headed back home. I took care of my free book & paid emails while Casey played on his devices. I wasn’t really feeling up to playing a game. I was pretty tired after not getting much sleep the night before. I decided to try laying down.

Too much of a raucous was made while I was trying to nap, so I got back up. I spent a while just scrolling through Facebook, before finally deciding to try reading a new book. The book was pretty good, I spent about an hour or so reading.

I got on Black Desert to check things, then had Casey get ready for bed. Once he was in bed, I got on Fallout 76. I pretty much just stood around for the most part.

I still hadn’t heard from Brad. I was getting so worried about him. I didn’t text him, and I hated not texting him. I just feel like after texting him every day for 5 days I should maybe lay off for a day or two. But I don’t like not texting him. I was feeling pretty down from not hearing anything from him. It sucked right out of me any desire I might usually have for playing any sort of game.

After a while of standing around doing nothing on Fallout, I finally threw in the towel and went to bed.

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