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Played Minecraft until nearly 2am last night. I was having such an enjoyable time with it! Had to force myself to shut the computer down and at least *try* to sleep. I laid in bed awake for a while before I could. Needless to say, I didn’t exactly wake up feeling the best.

Actually, I heard Dave and Casey up early, but I managed to drift back off. Then Casey was climbing all over me, and I think he might have kicked my bad knee a time or two. Finally around 9:30 I threw in the towel and crawled out of bed.

Casey had already had some breakfast when I got up, so I just got to making my coffee while my computer booted up.

Heard from Colin fairly early, while I was trying to get on SL to get dressed. Got on Skype with him, finished getting dressed in SL and then Casey wanted help getting set up with a movie downstairs. Took care of that and then hopped on Minecraft again. Played on there for a while, and then had to go to my Physical Therapy.

My Physical Therapist said right away that I was moving around better. She took me on into the PT area. First she had me on a sitting elliptical type machine, and I was able to operate that with my arms for 3 1/2 minutes before my knee got sore from the motion. She wasn’t worried about me using my feet to move the machine, she just wanted my leg in motion. Then we went to the room and she had me lay down and she moved my leg all over in every which way, slowly and carefully. If a certain position got sore, she’d stop. She was trying to, basically, reteach my knee that movement is ok She wants me to work on relaxing my leg when sitting to be able to bend it farther. I think I can manage that.

After Physical Therapy, Casey and I came straight home. I got him some lunch and took care of some dishes.

Dave got home early, around 3. I was surprised. He got undressed down to boxers then laid on the Futon by me.

Casey was asking about playing Minecraft with me, so I booted up his laptop for him and got him going. I tried to invite him to mine and Autumn’s game, but it was saying he wasn’t allowed. I’m not sure why, I authorized that for him.

We played on Minecraft until about 6, and then I was beyond ready for dinner. I’d asked Dave about going to get Chinese tonight or Pho/Viet this weekend. He was being weird about it, though. I asked Casey about going to get Chinese, and he ended up pitching a fit about wanting to go to Culver’s. I kept saying I wasn’t going to take him anywhere if he was acting like that. At one point, I told him I didn’t think Daddy would want to go with him acting like that either, and Dave chimed in that he didn’t want to go with either of us. Some bullshit about me pulling a bait and switch on Casey and not handling the situation properly. What the fuck ever. I looked in the freezer at my options, but I really wanted the Chinese. I got Casey to stop crying and talked very quietly with him about us going to Chinese and then seeing about Culver’s. He agreed to my proposition.

We “snuck” out of the house. I know Dave heard and saw us leaving, because he was downstairs in the living room, but it was kinda fun acting like we were sneaking out of the house.

First we went over to Peking Chinese. I got General Tso’s chicken with Crab Rangoon, Casey just had a root beer. I ate way too much but it was so freaking delicious. After I was finished eating and paid the bill, we went to Culver’s. I tried to talk Casey into just going through the drive-thru, but he wanted to eat there. He wanted a grilled cheese, so I ordered that for him and we sat down and ate. They do this thing with kid’s meals that they get a free ice cream after their meal, but he was stuffed so we took the ice cream to go.

Came back home and got the ice cream in the freezer and the leftover chinese in the refrigerator while Casey looked for Dave. He was already in bed, and it was only about 8:30!

First Casey asked about maybe getting on his tablet, but I reminded him that it was out of time. I asked him if he wanted to watch Disney Junior for a little while, but he wanted to watch something downstairs. I didn’t think it’d be the best idea for me to go back downstairs tonight, but then Casey said he was way too tired anyway. I told him to go ahead and get started on his important stuff, but he said he was too tired for that, too. So, he got changed into PJs and I read him a book. Then he asked for another book, and at the same time I remembered that he hadn’t peed yet. So I told him to go on and go potty, and then I picked out a short book that we hadn’t read in a while. He was happy with my choice. Read that to him, and then tried to tuck him in. He started asking for a slumber party. I was able to get him tucked in ok, and told him that we’d try to have a slumber party tomorrow night. If I’d slept better lately, I’d have said ok for tonight.

So, that’s about it so far. About to load Minecraft and start playing that some more before bed. Kinda tired, myself. Going to grab my 2nd dose of pills while Minecraft loads up.

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