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Slept ok Wednesday night, considering how Wednesday day had gone.

Got up, got a bit of coffee, and got Casey up and ready for school. I was sure to call for the appointment with Lisa as soon as I got home from taking Casey to the bus stop. She still had the slot open, so that was good. It was for 10am.

Meanwhile, I had the chance to do all my usual stuff. Got on SL and parked, got on DDO for my dice roll, and Wiz to do my garden. Then it was on to Aura Kingdom.

I’ve been working a lot at doing the Gaia Chronicle and card duels with NPCs for their gold quality cards, so I mainly did that.

Before I left to meet with Lisa, I went downstairs to throw some towels in the wash, since I was pretty sure Dave had finished his laundry by then. When I went down there, my towels were not on the floor, where I’d left them. The washer was empty. The dryer was on. Dave had done my laundry for me?

Shortly before 10, I headed to the appointment with Lisa. Spent the first half hour talking about why I was there, ie Wednesday. She was proud of me for admitting where I was at fault, and that I’d admitted we’d both acted like children that evening when everything kinda came to a head. She was glad he knows now that I’m in therapy, just not happy with the way in which he found out. She says she would love to talk with him, even just for a few minutes. And I trust that she’d be unbiased, she said that’s how she is and I believe her. She told me a bit about narcissists, we talked about some things that might have caused it. It would have been something that happened to him, or that he witnessed, before he even turned 5. I suspect that his dad may have had the same tendencies, and that his mom was already an alcoholic back then, and the combo traumatized him? What little I know about his dad, I know he was very ocd-neat-freak. And I believe there might have been some sort of consequences for messes. I told that to Lisa, and she agrees it’s a possibility. She also talked about various tendencies narcissists have, one of them being “undoing.” She said that his act of doing my laundry for me that morning was him trying to undo what he’d done the night before. He can try and undo all he wants, an apology is what I want.

Side note: Lisa studied and goes by Freud. I have never mentioned my love for Freudian Psychology. I’m not as familiar with it as I would like, considering it’s my ultimate dream in life, but I do love Freud.

So after therapy I headed back home. I played Aura on and off, but also did some cleaning. I changed the sheets on Casey’s bed, and got the dirty ones in the wash. I took care of the dishes, and cleaned out the fridge. I disassembled Casey’s train track he’d set up quite some time ago, and vacuumed in his play room. Then I got the Superstation set back up how it’d been when Santa brought it and first set it up.

I got all that done before Casey got home from school, but I was also playing Aura Kingdom on and off, and continued to play it for the rest of the day and until I went to bed. I ended up doing questing, and leveled up to the same level as Autumn. She’s been playing on and off for a year, and I’ve been playing for less than a month and have gotten to her level. But, she admittedly spends most of her time just sitting around doing nothing, observing others or chatting with them. And that’s when she’s playing it instead of some other game.

Speaking of Autumn, she wasn’t necessarily having net issues, but she was having delays in the game, so she said she was thinking of doing a reinstall of it. I thought it was just a net speed issue, but I didn’t feel like mentioning it because she was already in a bad mood and would possibly snap at me. So I said it was possibly worth a try. She started the process, but the computer was telling her it’d be 8 hours, and then her net went out. It came back up, and was still saying 8,9,8 hours, so she said she was going to go out and leave it to run.

I ended up ready for bed after a bit of work on the Gaia Chronicle and card dueling the NPC Anya. I had considered watching some more 13 Reasons Why, especially since I would like to catch up on it and the 2nd season of Harlots before the new season of my other 3 shows starts, but it was late enough as it was and I was ready for bed.

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