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Today has, thankfully, gone better.

Got up at a decent enough time to get Casey ready for school. Dave was still getting ready for work. Casey wanted to eat his leftover oatmeal, so I heated that up for him, resigned to take him to school again.

Once we were at school, Casey was complaining about it being to cold outside. I hadn’t realized it would be quite that cold in the morning, but he had a long sleeve shirt and hoodie on. He kept huddling to me, and then said he wanted to eat again. I knew he only wanted to eat again because he was cold and knew it would be warm inside, and I couldn’t blame him. So, I sat with him while he ate more breakfast, and then walked him to his classroom afterward.

Came home and got my coffee, got on SL to park, Wiz to garden, DDO to do the dice roll, and then Aura Kingdom to do the Temple of the Eidolons. After that, I was ready to do something else. I ended up getting on Minecraft with Colin. Did a bit of building, and then changed over to survival mode and did some mining together. It was nice, but I got tired of it quicker than Colin. Once we were done, I did a bit more building while he got changed in SL. Once I was done, I showed him what I’d done, a new “Nether” room lol. It has a small patch of Nether Wart and a portal to the Nether. Then I put together a “hot tub,” which really was an encased lava pit. Once done with that, we finally switched over to Second Life to do some stuff on there.

First we headed to the club I used to Manage and DJ at. Unfortunately, the place was dead. We looked around a bit, kinda scoffing at what little has changed since, particularly in the part that was under construction. Not much later, we headed to another rock club that former Wild Angels staff had moved over to. It was completely dead as well, but the atmosphere was promising. We looked around a bit, and then went to another club to check it out. It featured classic rock, and it was sort of busy and the music was nice, so we stayed and danced a bit.

While we were dancing, I got to looking for Casey’s first lost tooth again. I know I put it somewhere for safe-keeping, but now I can’t remember for the life of me where that place might be. I didn’t find it, but found a lot of dusting that needs to be done in my room. Shit, there’s a lot of cleaning I’m months behind on, thanks to my knee.

By the time I was done with my little search, it was time to go get Casey from the bus stop. Went and got him and got him a snack, then had him sit on the toilet. No success, but at least he tried.

After Casey was done on the toilet, I got off the call with Colin and got on Minecraft with Casey. I’m trying harder to not talk to Colin when Casey’s at home, because he’s older now and I don’t want him to pick up on things that aren’t appropriate for his age, things that he won’t quite understand at his young age.

Spent some time working on my new house in Minecraft. I even teleported Casey to me so he could check it out. He found my hidden chest room right away, lol. So much for keeping it hidden. Ah well, all the really important things are either back at the “base camp” or in my Ender Chest, which he can’t access. We went to the Nether together so I could show him that it’s a different area of the Nether from what we can get to from home. Then he was ready to go back to his house so he could work on stuff. I teleported there and then teleported him to me. He showed me around the structure he’s been working on. It’s a terrible eye sore, but the kid’s got some talent when it comes to building. After he was done showing me around, as he was getting back to building, I headed back to keep working on my project. It was a bigger, better chest room, lol. It was originally to be a mirror image of the original, intended as a backup, but now it might end up being the main. I want to see if I can mirror IT now to the other side, but we’ll see.

One thing missing at my new place is an ocean-like pond within the confines of the structure. I’ll need to see what I can come up with. I might to a fancy indoor setup, suspension of disbelief lol.

Got Casey and I some dinner, and then we headed to the Cub Scout meeting. I need to remember to do a few things tomorrow, mostly involving emails. It’s important, as a leader, to stick to my word. I need to get in touch with Festival Foods to secure their location for next Saturday for a “Show & Sell” for the popcorn, and then research football game dates for the Packers so we can do our door-to-doors on a Sunday and not interrupt anybody’s possible game-watching. Then I need to email the Den and let everyone know possible dates. We may end up just doing small groups at each date in different neighborhoods. Maximum exposure = maximum sales, right?

After the meeting, once we were home, I got Casey’s mac & cheese reheated and he ate that while I worked on free book & paid emails. Then I had him do his important stuff, read to him and tucked him in.

My mom texted me that 5 weeks ago she started using CBD oils to help with her “conditions.” I actually can’t say I’m opposed to this, though she said hers contain no THC. What’s the point in CBD without THC? She’s also applying to get a medical marijuana card. Now that’s right up my alley, I’d like the same for my own anxiety and depression. Wonder if it’s a thing in Wisconsin yet. Anyway, I’d be best not to tell Dave about this, he already thinks my parents are even whackier than I think they are. He’d probably not allow Casey to do anything without one of us present. Not that I don’t want to be present when anyone spends time with him, lol, but don’t want it to be a forced thing like that.

Now I’m in-between watching NCIS and watching NCIS: New Orleans. The NCIS episode had some pretty gruesome stuff in it, so I kept having to Alt + Tab to look at other things, while still listening to what was going on so I wouldn’t miss the story-line.

Once I’m done watching NCIS: New Orleans, I’m going to do the Temple of the Eidolons again on Aura Kingdom, and then head to bed.

Dave has a 4-day weekend that I only just found out about today, so that puts a damper on my Friday plans. I’d intended to spend the day on one thing or another with Colin again. Ah well, nothing I can do about it now.

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