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Woke up to a charley horse in my bad leg and a full bladder around 6am. I felt awake and alert enough to get up, but when looking at the time I just didn’t want to yet, so I stretched my leg, held my bladder, and tossed and turned for another hour. Shouldn’t have done that, when I finally got out of bed I felt pretty exhausted.

Got Casey up and ready for school, fed and out the door. We actually got out the door a few minutes early for a change, so we had to hang around outside his classroom waiting for the bell.

Went back home, got my coffee, got on SL to change and park, then scrolled through Facebook while waiting for Colin.

Chatted with Colin while doing random stuff on the computer all day. Was feeling pretty down because I still hadn’t heard from Daniel. A combination of depressed and pissed off.

Went and got Casey from school at the usual time. Had him get on the toilet when we got home, but made him use a magazine this time. He just doesn’t go when he has his tablet in there.

Dinner was leftovers, but I didn’t have an appetite for eating before it was time to go to the Cub Scout Den meeting. The kids worked on their first core achievement while us adults discussed the few things we had to discuss. Thankfully we didn’t have to step away to talk, because the kids weren’t as noisy.

After the meeting, Casey wanted a bit of dry cereal before getting ready for bed. Once he was done with that, he got ready for bed and I got him tucked in for the night.

After getting Casey to bed, I did send Daniel a quick message, letting him know he was welcome to come by after his appointment in the morning. Then I watched Criminal Minds. It feels good to stay caught up with my shows for a change!

After Criminal Minds, I started watching a movie on Netflix, but got to bed early. I was still feeling pretty tired.

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