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Woke up earlier than I had on Wednesday, thankfully. Got up, got my latte, and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, and then headed back home. I’d been dreading the possibility of seeing Daniel, but I didn’t so that was a relief. I don’t think my heart could have handled it just yet.

Once home, I got on Aura Kingdom for a while, relisting items on the auction house. After that, I got on Conan. I spent more time on there, ensuring all the animals were well fed before logging off. Then I got on Minecraft, but Autumn was not around yet. So, I did some mining near the mansion. I didn’t want to head home all by myself, nor leave her stranded there all by herself.

After a while of mining, when I couldn’t really carry any more, I headed back near where we’d logged out the night before, and logged out.

Heard from an old friend on SL, and talked to him for a while. When I met him, he was a female character. Colin and I always suspected “she” was really a guy, and we were right. Anyway, I laid out everything that’s been going on with my love life lately, and he suggested that maybe Daniel’s still hung up on Leanne. I suppose that’s possible. They have a kid together and can’t really be out of each others’ lives because of it. And I’d seen framed pictures of them laying around his house. So, yeah, maybe that’s what’s holding him back. I don’t know.

I read another chapter out of “More Than Two,” and it spoke of finding confidence and courage. I needed to read that. A lot of it reminded me of back when Dave told me he’d fallen in love with Amanda, and how I’d reacted. It would have benefited me at the time to read that, but I was hurt and couldn’t bear to. There were even some parts of it I thought might benefit Daniel.

Spent a bit of time throughout the day working on my web site, adding features. This was the result of checking to see if one of the chat rooms was working yet, as it had not been some days prior. It was still not working, but I’d already added an alternative so just removed the first one. I added a Videos feed that will play my YouTube videos.

By that time, it was about time to pick Casey up. I was incredibly nervous about the possibility of seeing Daniel, again. But he was not there, again. His mom was there to pick Michael up. Even though he’s her spitting image, it was still a relief.

Headed back home and got Casey to sit on the toilet for a while. I got Minecraft running, but kept working on things for my site.

In the late afternoon, I remembered that I’d not yet sent out a potluck coordination email. I registered a meal on Perfect Potluck and sent that out. Then I had to text Daniel about it, since he’s not yet on Scoutbook. I felt like hyperventilating, but got the job done.

After that, I resumed working on things for my site, again. Mostly just scrolling through the available apps I could possibly add to it.

Was sure to get some dinner, just another frozen meal. Kept working on my site, though, since Autumn was still not on. Eventually I logged out of Minecraft, losing hope that I’d get to play with Autumn that day.

Later in the evening, just after my shower, I got an email from Cubmaster Scott that, due to a funeral at the church this weekend, we’d have to reschedule the Pinewood Derby weigh-in and race for the following weekend. So, I had to text Daniel again! He responded this time, thanking me for letting him know and saying he knew the woman who passed.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I started going through the obituaries. A lot of old people have died around here lately, but none were mentioned to have their services at the church that sponsors our Pack. After a while, I gave up looking.

Got Casey to bed around that time, later than I should have! But, he wasn’t going to school on Friday, so it was fine.

Back working on my web site, I added a Pinterest feed, which led to me spending a great deal of time scrolling Pinterest adding things to a “Love Quotes” board. As I was scrolling through recommended Pins to add, my thoughts went to this love and that love, through 4 of the 5 of my loves. I guess James I’ve gotten over, perhaps I never really loved him quite as fiercely. At least, it doesn’t seem like it was the undying love I hold for the others.

I’d been messaging Autumn a bit, she’d gone out for food much earlier, and her RL friend ended up joining her, and they were waiting for more food when she mentioned a free pack on Wiz from an email. I’d just mentioned maybe seeing if anyone was online on there, so I redeemed my free pack and logged on. I spent some time organizing some stuff, and then logged back off. I’d spent more time than I’d realized on there anyway, so I ended up just going to bed.

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