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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, and waited for Dave to drop Casey off. I got Casey’s lunch ready, then went and dropped him off at school. I headed back home and laid down for my nap.

I wasn’t able to sleep, then ended up getting a notification about an Instacart batch available for over $20, so I decided to do that instead. It was actually pretty fun, shopping for someone else. After I delivered the order, I went by Kwik Trip and got a few things, then headed back home.

I took care of my free book & paid emails, then got on Black Desert for a bit. I spent time processing on my new assassin-type character.

Not long before it was time to go pick up Casey from school, I saw a batch come through Instacart for almost $40. I was not pleased. I’d made myself available almost the entire time he was at school only to have batches come through for $10-14 and then a good one comes in and I can’t take it because I don’t have time.

I picked Casey up from school and we stopped by the library to swap out some books. Then, we headed back home and spent a bit of time reading together. He is really good at reading, I like it when he reads to me!

I went ahead and knocked out the Truckee project, and Casey got on his Switch. After I was done with ad-rating, I got on Saint’s Row with Cyn. We stayed on there for the rest of the night, only breaking for food and to get Casey to bed. I was able to stay up a bit later, which was nice. Finally, I shut everything down for the night and headed to bed.

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