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Got up and got my latte, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home.

Kinda wanted to go back to bed, but I was feeling concerned about the whole “nowhere to put a desk” thing. I ended up scrolling through stuff on Facebook for a while, and then decided to go through my closet.

I wasn’t very far into my little project when I had to run to Walmart for a 10 shelf organizer and some hangars. I grabbed some apples as well, since I’m doing slim fast again and will want healthy snacks.

I’m not going to stop having my unhealthy snacks, but need to cut back drastically. Usually I am not really hungry throughout the day, but whenever I do start eating, whether it’s early or late, I’m ravenous the whole rest of the day. I’m hoping the shakes will help with that, and also being mindful about my portions. I don’t believe in giving up things you love altogether, but I’ve not been very good with portion control, at all.

Headed back home and resumed my work. I went through all my shirts and tossed anything that was dingy or faded, or that I knew I’d never wear again. I hung up all my shirts that had been folded, so I could use the drawers they were in for my underwear and socks instead of having them in the mesh organizers out in the open of my room. I also went through as much of the other stuff in there as I could, throwing away anything that I didn’t need or want anymore.

This project was taking longer than I thought it would. Around 2, Dave got home. Colin muted, since we’d been talking a couple hours by that point, and I kept working for a while, until it was time to go get Casey.

Picked Casey up and brought him home. He got on Minecraft on my old phone, and I kept working on my project of cleaning, reorganizing, and rearranging. I was able to put one of my shelving systems in the closet with space I’d made, and then moved the other in the place where one of my drawer organizers was, putting that next to my nightstand. Got all the trash into bags and downstairs, and put away everything I could. I have one small container of “idk yet” stuff, but otherwise it’s all done. And now, there’s room for a desk in my room!

Went ahead and cooked dinner — a home chef skillet lasagna. I didn’t take pictures of much, though. There are leftovers, so I can take a pic of my lunch tomorrow and post about the meal.

I didn’t get much of dinner cleaned up, but instead went and got in the shower. I used a shower cap so I didn’t have to wash my hair, though. Then I got Casey’s stuff ready so he could do his bedtime stuff when it came time.

Finally I was able to do something I’d wanted to do since the night before — get on Minecraft to go mooshroom hunting. I had to wait a little bit for Cyn to get on, and then we started the long journey.

Took a break to get Casey tucked into bed, then cleaned up some more of the dinner stuff before resuming the journey.

We passed a pillage and a temple, so raided those. The temple had sucky loot, though. We passed another temple with even worse loot. Then we came across a village, roughly 7500 blocks from home. We entered, triggering a raid. My health started falling but I thought I was clear of any enemies. I was mistaken. I died. Didn’t think it’d be a huge deal, but when I respawned it was back at world spawn, 7500 blocks away. So I made new armor and weapons/tools and grabbed other things just in case I’d need them, then started the journey back again. Thankfully Cyn was able to collect my things and put them in a chest for me. While traveling back to her, the raid expired. No negative statuses at least, but kinda sucks. I finally made it back and got my stuff, having to leave some things that were excess.

Cyn stepped away to get dinner and eat, and then we resumed our journey to the Mushroom Island. Passed a couple more villages and, just as we were arriving at Mushroom Island, Cyn asked what if we got all the way there and the Mooshrooms weren’t there lol.

I’d been getting sleepy already at that point, so I went ahead and logged out, and am getting ready to go to bed.

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