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Got up and felt a bit better than I had on Wednesday. Grabbed a latte while I got the computer booted, then parked on SL. A short while later, I went to start my laundry I had to get done before the camping trip. Dave hadn’t been up very long at all, but somehow managed to put stuff in the washer in the short while that he’d been awake. I was not pleased.

Spent quite a bit of time just scrolling on Facebook again. Hopped on Conan to refresh the base and DDO to deal with the Auction House, and asked Colin to set a reminder to refresh the Conan base on Sunday for me so I wouldn’t have to worry about everything decaying while I was on my camping trip.

Then I kinda felt like getting on Blade & Soul. I got it updated and logged on. First onto my main character, the Blade Dancer. Did a few things on her, but then I remembered I had a ticket for a pretty decent gem on another character, so I got on her. I couldn’t send the ticket to my main, and I couldn’t redeem it until that character was level 50. She was level 28. So, I decided to work on leveling her up. I was having a difficult time of it, since I was so used to playing a Blade Dancer and this character was an Assassin. But, I managed to get her up into the 30’s before bedtime.

Meanwhile, Dave had gotten his stuff in the dryer after just a couple hours, so I got mine and Casey’s stuff put in the wash.

Casey spent a good bit of the day outside with Dave, while Dave spent that time getting shit-faced. What a great example to set for our son!! I had to run out at one point to get a few supplies for while we’re camping, just some trail mix and powerade. Everything else I was confident they’d be supplying for us there. Casey wanted to go with, but I talked to Colin while we were out anyway.

First we actually headed to The Medicine Shoppe, because they have a great supply of knee braces. I’d been taking a break from my DonJoy brace because of how it’d been on my skin, and would probably be using it over the camping trip, but would still need a decent backup. I found one that was a perfect fit and felt great.

Then we had to stop at the auto shop because my check engine light had come on. They were not able to fit me in for emergency service, but did check and see that it was something to do with my fuel injector system. I made an appointment to take it in on the 25th, that was the earliest they could get me in. Meanwhile, he said it’d be fine for me to drive. I wasn’t so sure about that, because it was running pretty rough.

Finally we headed to Walmart. Picked up another pair of shorts, some cat litter, and the camping stuff. Then headed home.

Dave was completely wasted when we got back. I told him what they said about my car, and got him to get his stuff out of the dryer so I could get mine in. I didn’t necessarily have to fold it that day, but it would need to be dry so I could fold it first thing Friday morning so I could get our stuff packed for the trip.

Dave ended up passing out on his bed for a couple hours.

Got Casey to bed on time, and was resuming playing some Blade & Soul when Dave had gotten up and was suddenly all concerned about my car. He’d said I would just have to take his car on the trip, but I guess he wasn’t that crazy about the idea. So I handed him my key so he could check it out. He said he found a wire that was a bit loose so he tightened it and it was running real smooth again. Hopefully that was all it needed, but I’d still take it into the shop on the 25th.

Once I was getting to the point of dozing off, I shut everything down and headed to bed.

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