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Got up early and got my latte while the computer booted, then parked on SL. Spent quite a bit of time just scrolling through Facebook, with not much else to do until the free book & paid emails started filtering in. I took care of those as they arrived.

In the morning, I got back on Minecraft and worked on more fishing for XP and a fortune book to use on my pick. I spent quite a bit of time on that, before finally Cyn logged on and tossed a book at me. I quickly applied it to my pick, then did a bit of mining before logging out.

Had quite a conversation with Daniel in the afternoon. He’s growing increasingly frustrated with our search for additional “playmates” because we don’t seem to be finding many single guys, it’s all half of a couple in an open relationship wanting to play separately. I’ve talked with wives and everything, but it’s still frustrating when we’d really enjoy playing with a couple and all we’re finding is male halves. He was getting incredibly frustrated by it in his messages to me.

He ended up saying he was feeling emotional and was going offline for a while, which caused me to go into “extreme worry” mode. I know he’s said that his “bad thoughts” are the exact opposite of self-harm or suicide, but having lost a couple loved ones to suicide I feel I can’t take any chances. I tried sending a few more messages on Facebook before switching to texts while I showered in preparation to go over anyway. He finally responded, but then he was getting pissed at me for all the messages. I defended myself, though, and he quickly apologized.

He ended up saying I could come over, and he’d cook dinner for us, and we could watch a movie and relax together. So, once I’d gotten Casey done in the bath and Dave was home, I headed out.

While he cooked we talked a lot, and then we watched a few movies together, holding hands throughout which I love. It was about 2am when we finally went to bed.

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