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Was able to get a bit more sleep, made it through several snoozes of the alarm. Got up and got my latte while getting the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off for Summer Pack, then headed back home.

Took care of my free book and paid emails as they came in, then got on Aura Kingdom to do some of the daily stuff.

Daniel said he wanted to see me, and thought he’d make it sometime before I had to get Casey from Summer Pack. The time got later, and I hadn’t heard from Colin at all to talk to him, and hadn’t heard from Daniel about him coming over. Finally I heard something from Daniel, and thought it’d be soon after that he’d be over, so I let Colin know I wouldn’t be able to talk since he hadn’t woken up yet. A short while later, he said he was feeling rotten anyway so was staying in bed. Then I found out that Daniel would probably not be able to make it after all, but since Colin was feeling bad I didn’t bother telling him.

Picked Casey up from Summer Pack, then brought him back home and had him get on the toilet.

I ended up getting on Portal Knights to check if there were new free gifts, and got a black boxer on each of my characters. Then I got on Blade & Soul and did a bit of questing on my assassin.

Finally heard from Daniel, he’d fallen asleep after unloading wood from his parents’ truck. I thought that was adorable, I guess his parents also fell asleep. So sweet. He was heading back to his house, and I offered to bring dinner over.

Went and grabbed some Culver’s, then headed to the gas station next door for some Coke for him and found a mini Ty Chase beanie for Casey. Then headed over to Daniel’s.

I saw him look at my belly a couple times, but he didn’t say anything. We ate our food and watched Star Trek for a while. Then my tummy started cramping up a bit and he finally asked if I was pregnant. I said I didn’t know, that I felt pregnant but the test had come back negative. He didn’t comment any more about it.

Headed to bed a little after 11, and slept soundly in his arms all night. I woke up a bit, but felt like I’d gotten good sleep.

Normally I’ve been holding off on typing about the following morning until I post that day’s entry. But I have to say, he asked me in the morning how I felt about possibly having our baby. I didn’t want to elaborate at the time, but on the way home sent him a message that nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have his baby, but the timing of it scares the crap out of me, plus not knowing how he’d feel about it.

Also very worth noting, I got a TON of I love you’s over the course of my stay at his house last night. I am one deliriously happy girl.

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