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Got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school about the usual time, then headed back home. Took care of my free book & paid emails as well as the gardening on ArcheAge, and then headed to Therapy.

Therapy went well. We went over the treatment plan, it gets done every few months. “Working on marriage” was still on there, which certainly isn’t going to be worked on now. Honestly, after finding out he was a narcissist (should have known years ago though) why on earth would I have had the desire to even try? The other thing on my treatment plan involved my socialization, with focus on improving my self-confidence. I felt confident in my ability to continue to work on my self-confidence without having to keep discussing it, so we removed that as well. I told her how, as I was leaving for the last appointment before that, I had the sense of my time with her coming to an end. That the only thing I felt I still needed help with was overcoming my stress and anxiety, as needed. So we updated the treatment plan to reflect that, and then moved on to discussing other things.

I told her about various things Dave had done over the past couple weeks and things that he regularly did that got on my nerves. The one thing that is most frequent is related to the dishes. He had some plastic dishes before we met and they were stored high up out of anyone’s reach. I did sometimes use those bowls for Casey’s oatmeal, when he ate oatmeal. And they were stacked with some plates and bowls we’d gotten at Walmart, which were rarely used as well. I kept them out of reach to make Dave not want to use them as much, even though I would use them occasionally as well. It was, quite literally, a pain to put them away every day. She suggested just stacking them with the regular plates and bowls, but I explained how Dave complained they were “suffocating him” when I did that. Then I had an idea, I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me before, to rearrange a few things to make it work for both of us. She did comment on how Dave does a lot of things to purposefully either get on my nerves or start an argument.

With little time left, I quickly mentioned Daniel, and we agreed we would need to discuss how to “ride this rollercoaster” without getting hurt, because that is a stressor.

After Therapy I headed back home and rearranged a few things in the kitchen before I got back on ArcheAge for my midday things, including gardening and labor sleeps.

My new knee brace arrived, the inexpensive DonJoy one I’d gotten such a good deal on. It is so small, but I felt a huge difference! I found that I was able to put my custom brace over the webbed brace, to get the unloading from the custom while getting the patella support from the webbed brace. It felt a whole lot better that way, and I think I’m going to suggest that to DonJoy. Instead of using the little attachment, offer that as one option and this combo as an alternative. Honestly, despite how much the custom brace has saved me, I never did feel like I was getting the full patella support I needed.

I took care of the dishes and then headed to pick Casey up from school. I let him know we had a Cub Scout meeting that evening, where we’d be welcoming all the new Scouts. He seemed excited about it.

For the couple hours we had before the meeting, I made sure he tried using the potty, and otherwise he spent his time playing Super Mario 3D land on my 3ds. By the time we had to go, he’d managed to beat the game! And he’d only been playing it maybe a couple weeks. He was able to get back in on the same save game, and it had unlocked some special levels he was excited to work on.

The meeting was fine, he and the other Scouts, old and new, got to go outside and play while the adults did their thing. That was nice. After a while, I saw Casey’s friend James come in with his brothers and dad. I went out and got Casey and told him he had a very special new Scout to welcome to the Pack. He figured out who it was right away.

On the way home after the meeting, I let Casey know he could have a quick snack if he wanted, and then he needed to get ready for bed. If he was done with that in time, he could do whatever he wanted until 8.

I got back on ArcheAge and took care of the gardening while he played around on the newly unlocked levels on the Mario game. Once it was 8, I read to him and tucked him in, and then got back to ArcheAge for Halcy and some of the daily stuff. I was already pretty tired, though, so I didn’t stay up very late.

I was awoken by a strange noise from my phone, and come to find out Daniel was calling me on Facebook. I wasn’t sure if it was accidental or on purpose, so I tried calling back but he didn’t answer. We exchanged messages for a while. I didn’t tell him he’d woken me up, but I tried to get him to come over for snuggles. He’d been drinking, though, and couldn’t drive. We made plans for the following morning, and I went back to sleep.

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