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Got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school at the usual time, then headed back home.

Spent some time talking to a guy I’d matched with on Facebook Dating. His name is Michael, he’s about a year younger than me, and he loves sad love movies. I don’t know much else about him. He had said to me on Wednesday he didn’t think we’d actually ever meet in person because we haven’t made any plans, so I’d tried to make plans to prove that we would but never heard back from him. So I sent a quick message in the morning saying it seemed he didn’t want to actually meet me, since he wasn’t responding to me asking about plans. He responded about being horny and stuff like that, so I reminded him that wasn’t all I was after. He suggested we get married. I assumed he was just joking around so I went along with it, laughing all the while. He said he was being serious, he doesn’t play games, etc etc, but how could he be for real when we haven’t talked much and we haven’t met? So, if I end up marrying a guy named Michael, it will have been a Facebook Dating match with proposal and acceptance via text.

I was sure to inform him that I am already married. I explained that when I was about 20 years old, I met a guy who convinced me he loved me, and he would spend the next 19 years abusing me emotionally, mentally, and verbally. That we’ve been separated for a few years now, and will be divorcing. Michael was at work, so I didn’t hear back from him right away, just that he’d hit me up later.

Got on ArcheAge to do my morning gardening and run the last of the Gilda trade packs. The packs took longer than I would have liked. I kept making slight mistakes on turns when trying shortcuts, causing me to get stuck in the terrain and having to take all the packs out of my wagon to respawn a new wagon to put them back in. It was a pain.

When I was on the last trade run, I asked Colin if he’d be able to get on Fallout 76 so I could steal some produce from him to plant in my garden. I told him I’d also need quite a bit of it to spoil so I could make fertilizer, so he went ahead and got on so he could start harvesting, to let the stuff spoil.

Finally logged out of ArcheAge and into Fallout 76. I spent some time rearranging a few things to fit in a couple new pieces, while harvesting my own produce to let it spoil as well. Finally I had nearly enough, so Colin came to me so I could start working on planting. It also gave him a chance to check out my place since the remodel a couple nights ago.

We ended up participating an event that was taking place in my back yard. It was pretty fun and we got some good stuff out of it. After the event, we both logged off.

Went and picked Casey up from school. I didn’t see anybody there to pick up Michael, and when I later asked Casey about it he said Michael was not in school. I’d never heard anything from Daniel about if they’d be making it to Cub Scouts later, but if Michael wasn’t in school I’d assume he wouldn’t be at Scouts either.

Headed back home and had Casey lay down to rest. His teacher had told me he pretty much laid down all day at school, he was so tired he just couldn’t keep himself upright. I wanted him to get plenty of rest before going to Cub Scouts later.

I got back on Fallout 76 and did the event a couple more times, since it was conveniently right by my house. Part of it was in my backyard even, so yeah I didn’t have to travel far at all to participate.

Once Michael had gotten off work, he responded to my message about my marital situation saying I’m his wife not Dave’s and we talked about each other’s step children and he said we needed to make plans to move in together to start our lives together.

Went to Cub Scouts and was surprised to see Daniel’s car in the parking lot of the church. I was also annoyed, because he hadn’t said anything to me in days. Casey and I rushed to get inside, because the church bell was ringing out that it was 6 and that was when the meeting started.

Covered quite a bit of things at the meeting, and got to meet a couple of the new parents. One of the new Scouts, Milo, is in Casey and Michael’s class at school. A couple times Casey had told me Milo was being mean to him, like just that day Milo was telling Casey he was doing something wrong when he wasn’t. Casey had said he was just going to ignore Milo, but now Milo was in Scouts so I needed them to work it out. They got along just fine, though, and worked together to rally all the Scouts to make a “train” out of folding chairs when the meeting was wrapping up.

Daniel acted completely normal at the meeting. I spoke but made sure it was evident I was annoyed at him. And at the end of the meeting, I did not wait around to walk out to our cars together, like I usually do.

Once back home, Casey filled Dave in on what we did at Cub Scouts, and I got back on ArcheAge to do my nighttime gardening after getting Casey’s stuff out for him to get ready for bed. He came in by me and let me pick him up and cradle him, and he started to doze off a bit and said he wished he was in his bed. I told him he’d need to brush his teeth first thing in the morning, and went and read to him and tucked him in. I got back to the computer just in time for Halcy. While I was loading in, Dave asked if I could look at the fish tank’s filter, that it didn’t seem like it was pumping out the water. I took it apart and he cleaned it up, then I put it back together and it started working again.

Back at the computer, I saw I was not in the Halcy arena like I expected, and I also did not have new mail that I should have if the event had completed. But one out of two daily entries had been deducted, as though I’d participated. Even if I hadn’t actually participated, I should have gotten something out of being there, but I didn’t. I rejoined, and when I loaded in it just stayed in Standby mode for ages and then dropped me back at my house again. At least that time it didn’t take away one of my entries. I tried again and made it in. We didn’t win but at least I got the participation.

After Halcy, I got back on Fallout 76, and went to this Meat-Cook thing as part of the event Colin and I had done earlier. After that, I got my stuff put away and went to bed.

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