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I slept in a little bit, then got up and got some coffee while the computer booted. I took care of my free book & paid emails, then got on a couple games to adjust the settings to fullscreen windowed. I was getting ready to start on work for the day when I got an email from Appen saying that the tool wasn’t working properly. While waiting to see if I would get an “all clear” message from them, I launched the rest of my games to set them all to fullscreen windowed.

In the afternoon, I hadn’t done anything but the above and still hadn’t gotten another message from Appen giving the all-clear. I ended up downloading the updates for all my Sims mods and was planning to get on there later at night to make my Sims do very naughty things.

I got on Aura Kingdom and got everything set up at my house again. I figure I can commit to logging into there at least once a month, to make sure it all doesn’t get returned to me. I enjoyed getting everything placed back out, too. I then spent some time doing some of the miscellaneous tasks, like the Gaia Chronicle.

Throughout the entire day, I also spent a significant amount of time on AFF clicking refresh on the main page, hoping to see Brad’s profile card pop up as online. Hoping he’d look at my profile. Hoping he’d miss me, and think maybe he could put forth a bit of effort to make things work.

I also chatted with Mindi throughout the day. We’d both been talking to Daniel in the morning. He wanted to come over and see me, which I thought was odd considering I thought that he was trying to make an effort with Mindi, even gathering up the necessary documents to obtain a marriage license. I guess, at the end of it, he needed to get his dick wet and she wasn’t putting out. He even tried to propose a polyamorous relationship with the two of us, but we both declined the offer. He ended up blocking both of us.

And then there were my conversations with Brian, Michael, and Daniel’s best friend Troy.

Brian is a guy from Sparta who I’ve been talking to on and off for months. We’re Facebook friends, but every time I try to meet him in real life he has an excuse for me. We’re in a bit of a “poke war” on Facebook, so I texted him a comment saying that with all this poking going on, you’d think I’d be “satisfied.” He replied that I would be if it were in real life, but nothing more came of it.

Michael is the guy who’d proposed marriage via text. When I called him out on his “nothing but sex” talk shortly after, he got mad and stopped talking to me. We’ve since reconnected. We’d talked a bit in the morning about moving in together and him (trying to) get me pregnant, and the marriage, but then all of my messages to him stopped getting delivered. I questioned if he had me on “ignore” mode. I eventually sent him a text and heard back from him after several hours.

And then there’s good ole Troy. The man is such a horrible tease. The conversation goes all fine and dandy until I try to make arrangements to actually meet. Then he just stops talking. Eventually, it occurred to me he may just be shy. I asked him if he was and he said “a bit.” How the hell are two shy people ever supposed to meet up? I’m shy enough for the entire population of his town combined. I’ve already been making such a concerted effort into trying to meet just for him to clam up on me, this is going to require a lot of effort that I wasn’t anticipating. Is it really worth it for a piece of meat? I hate to think of him that way, but I hear he has a drug problem so that’s all it would ever be.

During all those conversations, I did manage to get Casey to bed about an hour later than usual. Then I got back to my conversations while also trying to launch the Sims on the computer. I forgot how slowly that game launches and loads in. Eventually, I decided to download a 3d sex chat game I used to use years ago, Achat. The download was going at a glacial pace because of the Sims trying to load at the same time, so I gave up on the Sims and focused on downloading Achat. I thought I’d gotten some sort of permanent account, but when I finally logged in it told me my membership had expired. It was getting late, though, and I was getting tired, so I decided to put that off until another time and just go to bed.

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