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I begrudgingly disentangled myself from Brad’s arms and put my PJs back on to head home. Once I got home, I made some coffee and hopped in the shower while the computer booted. After my shower, I got dressed while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school at the usual time, then headed back home.

I got on Aura Kingdom for a few of the usual daily activities, then took care of my free book & paid emails. After that, I got on Fallout 76 on the Xbox and played that on and off throughout the rest of the day.

I got everything ready for Cub Scouts later. We were due for a Service project and I didn’t know what we were going to do because there were a lot of older kids taking over what seemed like all the options in Tomah. I looked up ideas and decided we would color Christmas cards for the residents of the local nursing home.

I picked Casey up from school at the usual time, then we headed home for a bit. He got on the toilet while I took care of chores. Then I got back on Aura Kingdom for a while, until it was time to leave for Scouts.

I did get a phone call from Casey’s teacher during that time, letting me know about an incident that had happened at school. He’d been putting a book away and another student had tried to help Casey by putting his chair away for him, and Casey didn’t like that and pitched a fit. Then, the less attention the teacher gave Casey, the louder he cried. It sounds like a typical fit of his, but he really needs to stop that. I had a talk with him about what kinds of things he can do to stop himself from crying like that. I hope he will try them and that they will work!

Scouts went super calm and relaxed. There were only a few kids there, and they did a good job sticking to their coloring and not making a lot of noise like they usually do.

We headed back home after Scouts and I had Casey get ready for bed. Once it was time, I read to him and tucked him in.

I got back on Fallout on the Xbox and played that for a while, but I was getting sleepy after not much sleep the night before. I started dozing off, but the sound of Brad’s text message tone woke me up. I wasn’t expecting to hear from him so soon after seeing him! He was checking to make sure “simple” was still good with me. I told him that the “simple” from the night before had been so good, it’s all I’d been thinking about all day. He said he could be ready for me after about an hour, which woke me back up. I’d already shut the computer down for the night, so I got the Xbox going again instead. I got back on Fallout, but was distracted. Then I remembered I needed to wrap the gifts for St. Nick’s day, so I did that. Once that was done, I hopped in the shower and put on some fresh PJs. By then it had been an hour, so I headed over to Brad’s house.

We talked for a while and had some beer then headed upstairs to bed. It was absolutely out of this world. He actually got vocal in bed, which was a first. One notable thing was when he asked me “is this your cock?” Hell the fuck yeah it is!! Once we were done we curled up together and went to sleep. I absolutely love, well everything about him and us.

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