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I slept in way later than I anticipated and paid for it. I was groggy and sore. I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails before getting on Fallout 76.

Dave bought a new car. Thankfully, he put it all on his credit instead of it being partly in my name. That will hopefully allow me to keep it that way through the divorce. The less financial obligations I have the better. And hopefully, he will still be able to afford to pay me the alimony and child support I’ll be due.

Casey did his usual thing throughout the day, and then he and Dave watched a movie together again at night before bed. That led to me getting Casey to bed later than usual again, but it’s his Christmas break so I guess it’s ok.

I’d spent the day on Fallout working on leveling up. I had reached 50 on Christmas and wanted to tweak some things, requiring me to level more. There is really no max level, so it will be a bit of a neverending thing.

I sent Brad a text and hoped I’d hear back from him. I told him I hoped things were still going well with the detox, and that I looked forward to hanging out with him again.

I kept playing on Fallout until I was ready for bed, and had given up hope by that point of being invited over to Brad’s. I never did hear back from him. I thought I heard a text coming in as I was settling down, but I must be delusional.

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