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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got dressed while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school at the usual time, then headed back home.

I took care of my free book & paid emails as they came in, then got on ArcheAge to check things for a bit before finally getting on Astellia.

Cyn and I finished up the Star’s Tale, what we could anyway, then went back to questing. We got through a tough bit with a lot of quests that had us running all over, and decided we’d go back to the beginning of that map so we could work on the Star’s Tale as we go through the world.

I’d picked Casey up from school at the usual time, and had a chat with his teacher about something that had happened at school that day. He’d been spending a good bit of time in the bathroom at school, but that day he’d been out of class for 30 minutes. When she finally sent someone from the office in there to get him, he pulled his pants up and stood on the toilet as if he could hide. He’d missed out on an important instruction time because he was supposedly trying to poop, only to end up hiding from the staff at the end? I was not pleased.

We headed back home and he worked on his Valentines for the next day while I was questing on Astellia. Then I made him a bath, which he stayed in for a couple hours. Because of the time, I was trying to have him get ready for bed, but he hadn’t had dinner! So he had a couple of dinners (yes, a couple) and finally got ready for bed. Once he was read to and tucked in, I got back to Astellia. By that point, it was when we’d gone back to the beginning of the map to work on the Star’s Tale.

We kept working on the Star’s Tale for a while until Cyn was ready to go to bed. She had to get up early the next morning, so she needed to get to bed a little earlier. I ended up getting ready for bed myself.

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