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I slept a little later than intended, but still early enough to get started on Casey’s homeschooling. I quickly grabbed my coffee while the computer booted, and had him get started with writing while I got to work on feeling human for the day.

While he was working on his writing, the lesson plans for the rest of the week came in from the teacher, along with instructions. He had quite a bit of free time while I sorted that out, and then we proceeded to work on his math that the teacher had assigned before moving on to reading on the Epic app.

I spent a bit of time throughout the “school” day chatting with Cyn on SL and watching the news but spent most of my time organizing Casey’s educational materials.

After the school day was done, Casey got back to playing on the Switch, which he’d also been doing during his free time, and I spent some time actively chatting with Cyn on SL. There was a quest/hunt we wanted to do together but decided we’d do it later in the day.

Dave got home super early, much to my dismay. He wasn’t home long before he approached me about getting our taxes done. I was irritated about it, though, because it was just when I was getting ready to start the quest/hunt with Cyn on SL. Dave gave me the necessary paperwork and I got started.

I was almost done with the taxes, but TurboTax was insisting that I upgrade due to some such or another in our return. The only option I had was to start over, so I did. I entered everything again, but I still got the same message. I started over one last time, but this time entered all my self-employment deductions even though I did not have enough income to pay taxes on. Thankfully, for some reason, we did not have to pay for the self-employment edition and I was able to successfully file our taxes. I got approval notices within hours, so we’re just waiting on the deposit now. I set aside $350 to put in my own account, and nearly $2800 goes into the joint account. It will be used to pay debt this year.

With the taxes finally filed, I continued chatting with Cyn on SL while also scrolling through Facebook. There weren’t as many funny memes to share, but rather they were more serious. I still had plenty to share. I also got on ArcheAge to tend my gardens, but my computer was a little slow.

I sent Brad a text, checking to see if he’s getting enough work orders to stay busy. I worry that he’ll be out of work just after starting the new job. I don’t think he’d lose his job since it sounds like he gets a lot of praise for his work, but I just worry about him losing the income he needs. I didn’t hear anything back from him, so I hope that means he’s keeping busy and too exhausted from work to chat.

My computer started protesting everything I tried to do because I had merged some picture folders earlier and Google Backup & Sync was updating. It had thousands to go, but it was after 10 by then so I decided to shut down my poor computer and let the Sync run the next day. I laid in bed for a while and chatted with Mindi on Facebook Messenger, then finally went to sleep.

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