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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails before getting on Black Desert on the Xbox. I’d left my character online all night doing the combat training on the training scarecrow, so I could get XP while I slept.

I had Casey do his writing, then reading and then math after lunch. Once he’d read 5 books on the Epic app, we read a book together. Math was fun, we did a little activity together for it. All in all, a great school day!

I spent the day alternating between grinding mobs and doing the combat training on scarecrows, trying to hit level 60 within the time limit before the gift box I have expires.

I sent Brad a text in the evening, seeing how his day had gone. I actually heard back from him almost right away, which surprised me. We chatted a bit, but then he said he was in a mood. I kinda asked if I should just leave him alone, or if there was something I could do to put him in a better mood. He said he just wanted to be alone. This got me worrying about him, knowing how he gets with his PTSD. I didn’t hear any more from him though and ended up just going to bed.

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