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Brad’s alarm was going off before mine, and he was feeling frisky again. What a wonderful way to wake up! Afterward, we crawled out of bed and got dressed. We headed downstairs and he let Bailey out. I headed home. I was sure to kiss him before leaving this time.

Once home, I got some coffee while the computer booted, then spent some time scrolling through Facebook while I waited for my free book & paid emails to arrive. Once they were in I took care of them before trying to get into a game on the Xbox. I went through a few, but nothing was sticking. I just didn’t want to play something alone.

Meanwhile, I was sure to get Casey to do all his schoolwork throughout the day. He ended up doing some of it at the kitchen table because Max was laying by his desk and it was distracting him from his work.

I sent Brad a text in the early afternoon, trying to ascertain whether or not he’d be interested in playing with a single male or a couple. It’s been on my mind lately. So much for monogamy, if I can barely make it 6 months before I’m thinking about swinging again.

Eventually, I enrolled myself back into the Beta program for Minecraft and downloaded the new client. I also had Warframe downloading to try that out since some people from the BDO guild had suggested it.

I was hoping that Cyn would also join the Beta Minecraft with me. She had just told me that she wasn’t wanting to play Minecraft until the next update, which is what’s in the Beta version right now. So I figured this would be an easy way for us to play Minecraft together since we’re pretty much failing at playing anything else together right now. We haven’t done anything together for a long time because we can’t seem to mesh together on anything else. She went on about bugs in Beta and I had to remind her that bugs are in the full versions as well. She finally just said she was going to wait until the full version came out, and that she was thinking about playing Astellia solo since the only thing I wanted to do was dungeons. I reminded her that I only wanted to do the dungeons in Astellia to get back into it, and at the very least I needed to be more awake and less funky to do quests. I said I hoped that she’d at least use a different character if she did play solo since I didn’t use my “together” character while she was feeling funky. She said no if she were going to play solo it’d be her “together” character. That she’d told me repeatedly that I could carry on on my “together” character without her because she didn’t know at the time if she ever would want to play it again. Just fucking wonderful. What a waste of money that game was then if she’s just going to play solo on the character that was supposed to be played “together” with mine. Like I’m going to want to play solo. I’m very much a “together” person when it comes to gaming and I don’t know anyone else that plays the game.

Talk about feeling funky after that! I did get on Black Desert and did a world boss fight, but I was feeling too off to do anything else so I just logged out of it afterward. I ended up just spending time on Facebook and also looking at AdultFriendFinder and SwingLifeStyle.

Once I’d gotten Casey to bed, I watched a couple episodes of NCIS: New Orleans before heading to bed myself.

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