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I got a call from Casey’s school that he’d gotten upset when another class member was telling him he needed to be quiet when he was already quiet. I don’t know why Casey can’t just ignore these things! At least I didn’t have to go there to calm him down.

I had physical therapy at 11. It was my last scheduled appointment, but I’m not officially discharged. Hopefully, the exercises I learned will help me keep my back from getting so bad again.

I ended up getting taken off of Truckee anyway. It’s just as well, I hated it. But I needed the added income! I began the qualification process for another project that’s $9/hr and 20/hrs/wk. Hopefully, I can stand it. It involves rating fake news, which is more up my alley.

When I picked Casey up from school, he said he had a sore throat and stuffy nose. I checked his temperature when we got home, and it was 99.2. I called the school to let them know he’d be home the next day, and also contacted Dave to let him know what was going on. Casey spent the rest of the night resting, with his temperature getting as high as about 101 for a short while. Dave said my apartment had been hot when he’d dropped off some cough drops, so hopefully, that was the only reason. Casey went to bed early at night.

I texted Brad after getting Casey tucked in, and heard back from him. He ended up coming over. We sat and watched YouTube on the Roku while we chatted, up until we were ready for bed.

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