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Thirsty Thursday

Got to bed at a fairly reasonable time Wednesday night. Slept ok, not the best but not the worst. Got up a little earlier than I had been, which was refreshing for a change. Got Casey up about the same time as usual, despite my efforts to get him up earlier as well. He didn’t get to eat much breakfast but that’s his own fault for not getting out of bed until so late. Got him off to school on time.

Hobbled back to the house and hopped on SL to get dressed, then Wiz to garden, then Sims 4. Heard from Colin earlier than I had been, which was nice because that meant I could talk to him a bit longer. While we talked we both played Sims 4.

When my dad got here, he asked if I still needed to pick up a prescription at Walmart. I didn’t really want to, but thought it’d probably be a good idea to get it out of the way.

While we were driving to Walmart, I told my dad I was planning to go to Merrill with him and my mom. It had kinda been up in the air with the problems I’ve been having. I wanted to go along because my Grandma isn’t getting any younger and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to make the drive again myself.

He got Casey off the bus and we headed over to Walmart. We parked on the pharmacy side, I grabbed an electric cart right away and dropped off the prescription. Then we headed over to Subway and ate lunch. I had a chicken caesar wrap. It was good, except the gal who made it put way too much meat on it and it took away from the flavor of the fresh veggies. While we were eating, I asked Casey if daddy had gotten him yogurt at the store when he’d gone. He said he didn’t know, so I texted Dave to ask. He said he hadn’t, so we headed back by the groceries so I could pick some up. Then, on the way around to the pharmacy section, I stopped to grab a couple pairs of shorts for Casey since several pairs of his are a bit small. While I was stopped there, Casey said he wanted milkshakes, so my dad took him to pick some out. Then we headed over to the pharmacy section to pay for my Vicodin. I double checked with the pharmacist about both the Tramadol and the Vicodin, to make sure I could take Xanax while on them. She said not to take them at the same exact time, but I could take them a couple hours apart. With the Percocet, I can’t take my Xanax at all, so panic attacks are rough as I found out the other night.

So, what I’m planning to do is, when the Percocet is gone just use Tylenol Arthritis for a day or two, then start on the Tramadol. The Tramadol I believe does not contain Tylenol, so I can take them together. I’ll double check, to be sure. Once that’s gone, I’ll use just the Tylenol Arthritis again for a day or two, and then start on the Vicodin. The Vicodin, like Percocet, has Tylenol in it, so I won’t be able to take the Tylenol Arthritis when I’m taking those. By taking a break from the stronger pills between types, I’m kinda flushing a bit of them out of my system before switching to next one.

Anyway, once I paid for the stuff at Walmart, I went to sit back down on the electric cart, and moved my leg the wrong way. It hurt pretty bad. We headed over to park the cart and start walking to the car. My dad said he didn’t think it was a good idea for me to go to Merrill, because of all the pain I’ve been having. I said I thought I’d be able to rest enough, but would think about it more.

When we got back home, my dad took Casey for a “mushroom hunt.” Casey’s been obsessed with hunting for one thing after another since the ice melted, now he’s on mushrooms. They were outside for a good bit. While they were outside playing, I was inside playing Sims. I was doing a bit of remodeling on Jessica’s house. When Casey and my dad came back in, my dad said Casey got bit by mosquitoes. Sure enough, he had 3 bites on him. My dad asked if we had any calamine lotion, but we didn’t. So, he ran to Walmart to get some. He actually wasn’t able to find it, but did come back with some Benadryl spray. That should help.

My dad stayed for a little while longer and helped me with a couple things. Then, around 5, he headed back to the hotel.

For dinner, I heated up a General Tso’s Chicken meal. Turns out it was “Healthy Choice,” which to me is code for “better served as a side dish due to lack of sustenance.” It was ok, but not very filling and actually a bit more spicy than I would have liked.

After dinner, I got started on our bill pay stuff while Casey was watching shows on Amazon downstairs. We should have had about $650 left after bills were paid this time, but somehow we only had about $250 left. Where the freak is our money always going?? I’m not even using the debit card that much! It’s nuts! I know we spend more on groceries than we should, but not THAT much more in two week’s time! Clearly we need a larger “cushion” so things don’t feel like they’re so tight between paychecks. I’m not sure how we’ll accomplish that, though. On the bright side, some things I have budgeted to pay after the 1st of the month aren’t actually due until after the 15th, so that will give us some additional breathing room for this paycheck. But we really need to cut back on our extraneous spending!!

Dave got home around 8 and said Casey was asleep downstairs. I’d told him about 10 minutes before that he had 20 more minutes before it was time to get ready for bed, and just like that he fell asleep lol. So, Dave brought him upstairs and we got his “important stuff” done. Then we read a new book that had gotten sent home with him that day.

Since it was nice and early when I got Casey to bed, I went ahead and watched some NCIS. I was getting super close to Abby’s last episode, and wanted to see it, so I just watched 2 episodes of that. Usually I watch one of NCIS and then one of NCIS: New Orleans. They were good episodes. I’m still sad that Abby’s leaving, but she’s been on the show for 16 years!

When I was done watching NCIS, I wasn’t quite ready for bed, so I checked my phone for app updates for something boring to do. There was one for Facebook. I was curious what they’d updated, and when I opened the details I saw a message that a lite version of the app was available! I checked into it, because my phones always low on storage. Sure enough, the lite version takes about 1/4 of the storage and is supposedly faster and uses less data. I checked to see if the Facebook Messenger had a lite version as well, and it did! So, I switched to the lite versions and uninstalled the “heavy” versions.

Then I did a bit of research on a bookmarks synchronization tool. I used to use Xmarks, but had gotten an email some months back that they were ending the service. I hadn’t looked for a replacement yet, and hadn’t really needed to either. I found one called EverSync, and saw that it was free for the most part. I doubt I’d ever need their paid version, anyway. So, I installed the extensions for that and got it up and running.

After that, I heard from my Wiz friend Autumn. I talked to her for a little bit, and then noticed the time. It was almost midnight! So, I said goodnight to her and headed for bed.

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