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The Weekend

One day I’ll get back on track with posting here lol.

Had my set Friday night. It was dead for the most part. Just me for about the first half, then Colin joined me.

Casey slept by me that night as well. When he got up Saturday, he said it was because he was too hot, and that he hadn’t slept well. I suggested maybe not doing slumber parties anymore.

The day started out fine, like any other day really. Once Colin was awake, we got on SL and continued work on our new “retreats.” I’m calling my premium home “Writer’s Retreat” and his, so far, is named “Master’s Domain.” We’ve set both of them to be publicly accessible. Mine is all pinks on black and silver. His is more neutral tones. I’m super happy with how they’ve both turned out.

In the mid-afternoon, Casey got super cranky. It must have been because he hadn’t slept well. It was pretty bad, for a while there. I even texted Dave about it, so he knew what he was coming home to.

When Dave did get home, I sweetly asked him to please get the mail for me. He went off on me about texting him about Casey but not sending one asking him to get the mail before he got in and got his boots off. I was cooking dinner at the time, and my knee was already in a pretty bad state. But, when things were simmering, I went out anyway to get the mail. It was really difficult to walk out there, due to all the snow and ice, and it made my knee hurt a lot worse. When I got to the box, I saw it was empty. I have the USPS Informed Delivery daily digest, so I knew there was mail. Which means I knew Dave had already gotten the mail, and hadn’t bothered to include that with his rant. By the time I got back to the house I was in tears from the pain.

Dinner was a home chef meal. It was a fajita skillet bowl. It was pretty delicious! I need to get back to posting pictures of the recipes and plates, I enjoyed doing that. But, as it is, I have a hard time remembering to post at all, let alone adding another type of entry to my list.

Got on Wiz last night and did a bit of questing. I had been having difficulty with the boss fight I was on, so I mentioned as much in the Discord group. One of the other players inquired about my stats, so I told him. He said my resist was my problem. So, I made some changes. Compromised 17% of my damage boost to instead increase my resist. Will try this out for a while. It worked well for me in the boss fight! I had some help, though.

Casey wanted to sleep by me again, but I told him no, because he hadn’t slept well the night before. He was a little disappointed, but relented. Read to him and got him snuggled into his bed.

After that, I decided that, for a change, I’d watch some of my shows. I was only 2 episodes behind on each NCIS, so I watched one of each and then headed to bed.

Tried to sleep in this morning, but I kept smelling delicious cinnamon rolls. So, I finally crawled out of bed and went to get one… only to discover that, for the second week in a row, no breakfast had been left for me. How lovely. Got my coffee and headed to my room to get my stuff going for the day.

Got my free book and paid emails sorted, got my gardens sorted on Wiz, and parked up in my new retreat, sitting at my computer in SL lol.

Did some bill pay stuff. Paid off Dave’s car. He asked about getting a new one, I was like “not yet.” He made some sort of off-handed remarks about that. Whatever. Either way, we’re doing better now. Still a bit tight for the next month, but if we control our frivolous spending we should be fine after that.

One thing Dave’s said in the past is that, ever since he and I have been together, he’s always been broke. Well, part of that is because there’s only one income going to support two people. I’m trying to get at-home work to do, but struggle. Another part of it, though, is BOTH of our terrible spending habits. We both need to cut our discretionary spending if we want to get our debt paid off more quickly, so we can truly start to enjoy life again.

While I was doing bill pay stuff, Dave was out getting the driveway cleared. It was a few inches of ice topped with a few inches of snow. He’d made a comment about me helping him before he went out, and I reminded him that I can’t, because of my knee. Why should I have to keep reminding him of this??

Played on Wiz for a while, did some more questing. Had a person helping me at the beginning, which was nice. Then solo for a while, then another friend asked if I needed help. I said no, but that it couldn’t hurt to have another ally either. So, yeah, it was nice to have someone on my team lol.

Tonight’s dinner was another home chef. This time it was pretzel roasted cod with potatoes that were first roasted, then tossed in italian dressing. Also on the side were some steamed green beans. It was pretty good!

There’s still a TON of produce in the fridge. I noticed a fresh romaine head sitting on the counter, on top of the 2 in the fridge from what I’d bought. Then, I was in the fridge for something, and noticed another pack of 3 in the fridge as well. Seriously Dave? I hope you’re prepared to eat salad for dinner all week! We have to get this stuff eaten!!

So, about to help a friend on Wiz for a bit before I get Casey off to bed. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do Wiz or watch TV tonight.

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