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The Weekend

Woke up earlier than intended on Saturday. I’m not taking as many meds for sleep and I think it’s affecting me. I’m getting sleepy enough at night, but waking up early when I want to sleep in lol. But, I have been feeling more energized, so maybe it’s actually a good thing.

First thing I usually do when I wake up is post an ad for mine and Colin’s cafe in 6 different SL groups. I accidentally sent a questionable Gyazo to the one group instead. I usually only keep the Cafe Freddo ad in my clipboard, and hadn’t realized there was anything else in it. I almost got my advertising rights revoked because of the Gyazo I sent. I made a smooth recovery lol and went about my morning.

Got dressed in SL, got my gardens tended in Wiz, then launched Sims 4.

Got some extra content for the Sims 4. I do plan to own all the packs and expansions at some point, but need to take it slow lol. I own everything for the Sims 3, so I know that eventually I will also own everything for 4.

My dad came over about 10 or so, and we hung out for a bit. Dave got home while my dad was still here. I wasn’t sure how that was going to go, considering the whole separation and the reasons for it. They were polite, thankfully.

My dad left so he could head back down to Madison to catch a flight back to Georgia the next day.

No sooner was my dad out the door, and Dave proposed to Casey for them to head down to the Quad Cities to surprise Dave’s mom, “Gram-Dini” for Mother’s Day. I was floored. Umm, can’t I spend time with my own kid for mother’s day? But since Dave mentioned the idea to Casey, I didn’t want to say anything about it. Well, then Dave told Casey to ask me if I’d be sad if he wasn’t here for Mother’s Day. I remembered that there was this “Muffins for Mom” thing at Casey’s school Monday, so I told him if I could go to that with him I wouldn’t be sad about him going to the Quad Cities. He said I could join him for the Muffins, so I told him I wouldn’t be sad if he went with Daddy.

I figured, at this point, Dave was going to head down to see his mom with or without Casey. I can’t blame him. Her health hasn’t been very good for a few years now, probably because of her alcoholism as well as a few other things that have gone in that may or may not be related to it.

I considered inviting myself along on the trip, but thought that I should probably stay back and rest my knee instead. The 4 hour drive each way would probably not be good for my knee either. So, I gave them my blessing and they headed out.

So, then Colin and I finally had some time all to ourselves again! We spent it on Sims 4, separately together. I had tried to install a “multiplayer” mod but it wouldn’t work, so we couldn’t actually play together. But we were on Skype and chatting about what we were each doing. Basically, installing mod after mod after mod lol. And working out kinks in them.

There was one time that I launched the game and it gave me some message about content being removed, so we had to figure out what caused that so we could fix it. Seemed to get it running fine.

We stayed up relatively late together. When we were starting to say our goodbyes for the night, my phone started acting up. I ended up having to shut it off and reboot the computer so I could talk to him for a bit on there. I didn’t want to go to sleep with my phone completely powered off, so I let it charge for a bit then turned it back on. I have to run through a few tasks to get it ready, like enabling LastPass in the accessibility, and opening a few apps so they’re running. Finally got it running, but by then I had switched Skype from the computer to my tablet. So, we said our goodbyes on there instead of my phone. But, at least I had gotten my phone up and running again.

Got ok sleep Saturday night, woke up earlier than intended again.

Did my usual dressing in SL and gardening in Wiz, then hopped back on Sims 4.

Got another expansion bundle that I didn’t want to hold off on, but now I really need to wait before buying anything else. Bills should be fine, but need to be cautious.

While the new stuff was downloading, I went ahead and hopped in the shower. When I got out, they were done and I also noticed I’d missed a call from my brother. I called him back and we chatted for a bit. He was telling me about his current relationship with a girl named Amber. He’s had a couple messy divorces in the past, one was with a psychotic woman he’d met online, another was a girl he’d also met online that ended up cheating on my brother with a black guy and getting pregnant. I’m glad he’s met someone in person first, and that they’ve been taking things slow with friendship first and letting things develop naturally. I don’t know much about her aside from what he’s told me, but she sounds like a nice person and I’d like to see things work out for Mikey. He probably can’t ever have kids due to his Spina Bifida, but Amber has a son that Mikey adores so it would be cool if he could have a family that way. I’m trying not to be too overly optimistic, since it is a new relationship.

Once I was done talking to Mikey, I got on Skype with Colin. We did some more playing Sims 4 separately together.

I had a character I wanted to play as my primary, the daughter of my first characters I’d made. She was still a teen, though, so I ended up having daddy bake a cake and put birthday candles on it, and she was able to blow the candles out and age up that way. Then I separated the family into two households and moved mommy and daddy and the others into their own separate house. Then, finally, I was able to adopt a kitten for my new primary character. It was so tiny, about the size of her foot, it was adorable!

Around dinner time, I went to start cooking a Home Chef, but they’d sent romaine lettuce in the pack. With the current e-coli outbreak in 29+ states, I didn’t want to take any chances. So, I’ll have to try again when I get some fresh greens. Instead, I ended up heading to Taco Bell for a #5. It’s my usual go-to there. Brought that back home and ate while playing Sims 4.

A little while later, about 6 or 6:30, Dave and Casey finally got home. I went downstairs to greet them, I’d missed my little guy! He had slept the whole way back in the car, and I could tell he was still tired. While I was downstairs, I made sure to scoop the litter box, then grabbed my laundry out of the dryer to fold so Dave could work on his laundry. Right before they’d left on Saturday, he’d started a load of something or another in the washer. Kinda irritating, really. What if I’d needed to wash anything else? He does that shit all the time, too. It’s annoying.

Anywho, while I was folding laundry, Casey was fussing and whining about Dave’s antics with pretending that our cat Max was punching Casey for spending time with a dog while they were gone. It was just simple teasing, but Casey was tired from not sleeping comfortably at Gram-Dinis and was just waking up from sleeping in the car. Not the best timing with your teasing, Dave! I called Casey up to me and got him to calm down, and then he saw all the new underpants I’d gotten him and he cheered up quite a bit.

Got Casey a bath once I was done with my laundry. While the bath water was running, he said he needed to poop. So, he sat on the toilet for a bit and got the job done. It ended up clogging the toilet, and in my initial efforts to clear it, the water spilled out of the toilet onto the floor. I put some towels down around the base. Casey was in the bath at this point and was getting upset that the water was spilling out. I got him washed up quick and got him ready for bed while some dish soap and hot water settled into the toilet to try and clear the clog. Got him to bed about his usual time and got to work on the toilet. I was able to get it cleared more easily after the soap and water soak.

Spent a little bit of time on Sims 4 again, and ended up staying up later than intended. Having to get up at 6am Monday would be rough.

That’s it for the weekend, I’ll post about Monday later lol. Meaning, tomorrow.

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