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The Weekend

Yesterday morning, got up a little early but not too bad, to make sure I was ready in time for when my parents came to drop off Dandee, their dog, and pick us up for brunch.

As soon as I was getting up, Dave said he was leaving to go get his hair cut and pick berries in Warrens. I told him my parents would be there about 11:30 to take us to Perkins and that he was invited, but he responded that he probably wouldn’t be home in time. Whatever. He could have done the U-Pick some other time!

Had time to get a bit of coffee in my system, get on SL and park, and then take care of my free book & paid emails, and finally get on Minecraft for a few while I finished a second cup of coffee and got dressed in RL.

My parents got here a little early, and we left nearly right away to go have brunch at Perkins.

Normally I have excellent service and pretty good food when I’m there. This time? Not so much. We were seated by the hostess, who also took our drink order and brought it to us a few minutes later. We were looking over the menu when the drinks were dropped off, and for some reason expected that she was our waitress and would take our food order. We were all ready to order at that point. She dropped the drinks off and left, though. We waited, and waited, and waited, and nobody came to take our food order until maybe 20 minutes later. And, it turned out, it wasn’t even our server taking our food order, our server was an older lady that was standing around doing not much of anything. This wasn’t looking good! The food order was handed to our server, who then walked away from the kiosk into the party room for God knows what reason. She went back a few minutes later and put our order into the kiosk. We kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Finally my mom flagged down our server and asked if we were getting our food. This was the first interaction we had with our actual server, and she only said that there was a large group ahead of us that was getting served first. Fair enough, but she should have spoken to us prior to that to let us know the situation!! Finally our food order came. It wasn’t quite as delicious as normal, but wasn’t bad. We ate and then waited a while for our check. Finally got that and my dad paid the bill while my mom and I took Casey to the bathroom. We all had to go lol.

After we were situated, we headed out to the parking lot. My dad grabbed the car seat out of my car and put it in their jeep. They were taking Casey about 45 minutes or so away to visit family he hadn’t met before. I kinda wanted to go with, but at that point I just needed a break. Casey’s been so fussy lately!

While they were out of town, I just played on Minecraft. Finally went out to the snowcapped village I’d found, which was so far away! There was also a jungle that was sorta on the way back home, so I went by there and found another bird to take home with me. I actually found 3 altogether, but only made it back home with one of them.

My parents and Casey got back around 4. Since they were already hungry, my mom had texted me when they were on their way and gave me a pizza order. I put that in and the pizza arrived at the same time as my parents with Casey. So we ate together, and spent a bit of time hanging out and chatting before my parents headed out to go to Merrill, my hometown.

I let Casey back on Minecraft after dinner, and he was glad about that. He’d not been on in a couple of days because of his tantrum a few days ago. We played together for a while.

At one point, I checked Facebook and saw that my parents were spending TWO WEEKS in Merrill, which is only a couple hours away. So they spend one night with us, when it was supposed to be 2 but they weren’t happy with the hotel, and then 2 WEEKS in Merrill, just a couple hours away. Couldn’t they have better split the time to spend more time with their daughter and only *ever* grandson? I was so pissed to see that on Facebook.

Got Casey into bed at a somewhat reasonable time. He pulled games, as has become the usual. Right around bedtime, first he’s hungry, then he pulls reasons out of his ass for why he can’t do his “important stuff” (pee, brush teeth, wash face) before going to bed. First he was too tired, then he had a tummy ache and re quired tummy medicine. I wasn’t going to give him the tummy medicine, because I knew he was just playing games, but Dave told me to just give it to him to pacify him. Just like at dinner when Casey wanted a popsicle and I told him he needed to eat his pizza first. Dave ended up just giving the popsicle to him. WE are the ones creating a monster by doing this all the time, just to pacify him and not have him throwing some sort of fit. It’s mostly Dave contributing to this mosnter-creation, but I know at times I’m guilty of doing this type of thing as well.

So, with Casey finally tucked in after his game-playing with us, I got back on Minecraft. I was chatting with Autumn on Discord as well, about how I wanted to say to hell with achievements so we could have cheats and utilize the teleport function on occasion. She went on a rampage about “oh we won’t need the bridge to the mesa and jungle because we can just fly” and “we won’t need to go to the jungle or mesa because we can just spawn what we want when we want where we want” and the like. I kept arguing that there was no reason to not finish the bridge, because I’d still want to ride my horse. I wouldn’t always fly to places, I’d want to walk or run, swim or boat, or ride a horse, and explore. She argued with me on and on about there being no need for horses or running or walking or boating because we could just fly. I couldn’t get my point across, and was settled on not turning cheats on EVER because she’d just cheat all the time. It’d be nice to be able to travel by foot or boat or whatever to somewhere far off, but if too tired just tp back home without having to kill yourself and lose all your stuff. Just because you want to cheat from time to time, doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time like she’s saying. But if that’s how she feels, that she’d stop using her horses or traveling on foot or whatever, that she’d stop mining or gardening or whatever to get what she needed because she could just magically (cheat) and get what she needed on the spot, then I’m not going to turn cheats on. Cheats are fine, IMO, on occasion. They’re built in for a reason, to use them! But just because you CAN use them doesn’t mean you SHOULD. She tried to backtrack and say that “cheats and survival mode just don’t mix” but that’s bullocks. But whatever. Cheats will NEVER be on then, and I will NEVER go into creative mode. Not in this world, anyway.

Anyway, I did a few things, like tending my garden and trading with villagers in the original village (via horseback ride there), and then went to Autumn’s beach house to watch turtles hatch, because I didn’t really have anything better to do.

Watching eggs hatch, and doing nothing else, and the fact that it takes several days for it to happen, made me quite tired and ready for bed. I’d wanted to stay up until about 3am, but couldn’t make it much past 1.

Headed to bed. Slept ok. Was starting to get warm in bed, from the sunrise beating through my window, around 9am and got up shortly after. Got my coffee, got on SL and parked, did my free book and paid emails, then got on Minecraft.

Dave had made blueberry pancakes and potatoes for breakfast. It was alright, but I “wouldn’t order it again.” The pancakes were some gluten free bullshit that actually upset my stomach, and the potatoes had too much oil and some herb that just didn’t “go” with them.

Casey got on Minecraft with me not too long after I started playing. He wanted to go to the jungle, but I was mining. He wanted a parrot and a cat. I kept doing my thing, mining and tending the farm, but eventually decided I’d take him to the jungle.

I had to WALK the entire way because he can’t run in touch screen mode. I tried to teach him about WASD for movement, when we got to the ocean and I wanted to use the boat. He kept trying to use the touch screen anyway, and I kept trying to tell him to use the WASD, but he wouldn’t listen and was starting to get upset. So, I got him back to the shore and got his boat put away for him, and we put on our “Frost Walker” boots that turn water to ice for us to walk over it with. We continued on and made it to the jungle in one piece. We found a cat for him right away, but eventually lost it somehow. He ended up with 4 birds, was only missing a red one, and I had 2, so with them and the ones already at home I was only missing the gray one. We started heading home once I felt we’d explored enough, checking for birds and cats on the way.

We got about 1/3 of the way back home and were up on top of an “extreme hill” (mountain) when Casey said he was going to get a better view of the beautiful surroundings. Somehow or another, he ended up walking off the edge of a cliff, and fell to his death. He was super upset, but at least his birds appeared when he respawned at home. I guess they TP home when you die in transit. That’s handy information to have! I tried going to the bottom of the mountain to look for his stuff, but couldn’t find it anywhere. It must have gotten destroyed in the fall somehow. He was upset about losing all his stuff, but he should have been more careful. Don’t walk over the edge of the cliff just to look at your beautiful surroundings!

Since he was at home, I was able to run and boat my way home and got home much faster. All up, the trip took about 3 1/2 hours.

Once I got home, I put some stuff away and tended my gardens again. Well, that involves tending everything on the farm, including breeding and culling the cows, pigs, and chickens. Got that taken care of and then just kind stared into space thinking of what else I could do.

Started working towards making the perfect set of armor, but I’d need a lot of enchanted books and a lot of XP to complete it. So, it was back to fishing. Fun! That’ll lead to overflowing chests again, for sure. Do I need to make a 3rd chest room? Egads!

Got Casey to bed after his usual game-playing. Instead of tummy medicine tonight, I offered him some ginger ale. He drank a bit of that, then did his important stuff, but asked me to wash his face for him because he was too tired to. I did that, and tucked him into Dave’s bed, where he’d be sleeping tonight.

Then I went back to fishing on Minecraft. Got most of my armor done at this point, just need 3 more books of mending to apply to the last few pieces. Casey can have the old mending armor, it’s just not enchanted quite the way I want but is mostly pretty decent armor.

Autumn was on Minecraft for a while, but then said she was in the mood to play Sims. So she’s off doing that. I wish I could better balance my gaming habit, instead of just sticking to one game all the time until I’m tired of it. But whatever. One day lol.

So it’s almost 11 now, and I’m starting to get pretty tired. I think I’m going to try and fish for a few more minutes, then head to bed.

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