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The Weekend

Stayed up late on Friday night, because I could. It was nice, for a change. Slept in later than I should have, but since I’d stayed up so late, I must have needed to make up for it.

Noticing it was nearly 11, I rushed to get on Aura Kingdom to go into the Temple of the Eidolons before it would reset on me. That way, I could do it twice in quick succession and get it done with. It’s a great way to level up your Eidolons, who help you in battle.

Once that was sorted, I got my coffee, got on SL to park, got on Wiz to tend my gardens, and got on DDO to do my daily dice roll. Then it was back to Aura Kingdom to continue playing around. Did some questing, and other miscellaneous things on and off throughout the remainder of the day.

I also did manage to take a few breaks, here and there, to work on my laundry. Dave had tried to put a load in the washer later in the morning, but I had stuff in both machines. Plus, I still needed to get Casey’s stuff in the washer. So, I pressed on with laundry as much as I could. Ended up with 2 loads washed, dried, and folded, and 1 left in the dryer. Not bad, considering the machines are downstairs and my knee’s bad.

When Dave left around noon to go get his new car, I got on a call with Colin for a bit. He insists he absolutely cannot use Skype, because they’re forcing people to use the version from the Windows Store instead of one that can be downloaded from their site. Well, the call quality on Discord is worse, so is it really worth it?

Dave got home, and me and Casey went out to check out the new car. It’s really nice! I’m jealous.

A little while later, Dave asked if I wanted to go grab some dinner, that he was in the mood for a good burger. So, Casey and I got dressed, and we headed to the Ground Round.

Dave got a beer, I got a non-alcoholic daquiri, and Casey got his usual root beer. That lead to an interesting conversation. I hadn’t told Dave about the HPV and needing to clear up some BV before I go in for a colposcopy and biopsy, to test for cervical cancer. So, I told him that briefly, and told him that the medication for the BV I can’t have acohol with. We ordered an appetizer of their fried cheese curds to start. I got a big salad, Casey only had his root beer, and Dave got their house burger. It was pretty good.

Had some anxiety later in the evening, after dinner. It passed rather quickly, though. New car, new commitment, new debt. All that.

Stayed up later again than I probably should have, but not quite as late as I had on Friday night. Slept ok, and got up at a more reasonable time.

Got on SL to park, got on Wiz to do my gardens, and got on DDO for my daily dice roll, all while drinking coffee, and then ended up on Aura Kingdom. It’d be nice to play one of the other games, but with nobody to play them with, I think I’ll just stick to what I’ve been doing.

Played on Aura Kingdom on and off throughout the day, doing some hardcore questing to try and level up.

Dave asked me a few times if I had anything in the dryer. I kept responding that yes, I did. The third time he asked, I very nicely asked him if he could bring Casey’s stuff up for me to fold. He went on a tirade about him doing chores all day and cooking for the family, and that no he wouldn’t bring the stuff up. Then, a few minutes later, he comes in with Casey’s laundry, nice and warm from the dryer. So, he was being a douche for the sake of being a douche.

Dave made some vegan sloppy joe’s made with this bulgar wheat. They were ok, but too spicy for my liking. Barbeque is supposed to be sweet or tangy, not taste like it had jalapenos throughout. Dave said what was in the recipe, and I said that soy sauce can sometimes be spicy. That was probably it.

Continued on with Aura Kingdom at night, but didn’t stay up quite as late again. Autumn’s been going off for the night before me, and that makes it less exciting to stay up and play.

That’s about it for the weekend. I need to get back on track with posting daily, so I don’t risk forgetting what goes on with my life.

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