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The Past Four Days…

Wow, yeah, I knew I got far behind again… sorry! But really, it’s just more of the same.

Sunday night, up later than intended, didn’t get very much sleep and had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning to get Casey off to school. Got him there on time, though.

Got on SL to park and then hopped on Minecraft.

Played Minecraft on and off all day.

Can’t remember, but think I might have made Home Chef for dinner again that night.

Casey was having issues with “juicy toots” so he spent much of the afternoon on the toilet instead of Minecraft. He was not pleased when it got to be bedtime and he hadn’t had much time to play. Got him to bed ok, otherwise, though.

Got to bed later again than intended, so of course I didn’t sleep the best. Somehow managed to get up on time, albeit later than I wanted. Got Casey up and off to school.

Got on SL and parked, then got on Minecraft.

After a little while of playing, I had to relog because Autumn wasn’t able to get back on after her internet went out. I didn’t *have* to relog, but she insisted that everything was fine on her end again. So, I did. And she was able to get back in. So, when she went off to take a nap, I started working on getting my World into a Realm, which is just a paid online server. That way, if she has issues connecting, it’s either something on her end, or Microsoft’s.

Well, that didn’t go as planned. I couldn’t get the world to upload to the realm. Colin grabbed a copy of the save and tried to upload it to a realm on his account, and it worked. So, I gave him my password and had him try getting the world uploaded that way. It was being a pain, but eventually worked. But, it wasn’t the right world! We’d lose like 12 hours of activity. I knew Autumn wouldn’t go for that.

So, we continued playing the “old fashioned” way lol. I’d just have to keep relogging any time she had a problem and thought it was fine on her end. There’s some Teredo driver or something that keeps getting disconnected, on my end and Colin’s, and possibly Autumn’s as well. That’s what’s keeping her from getting back on at times, if that driver gets disconnected. I don’t know how to fix that. I’m not sure if, something else is causing it to disconnect, or what’s going on.

In the afternoon, it occurred to me that I hadn’t had a text about physical therapy. I checked online and it showed I had no appointments scheduled. I looked at the calendar and saw, sure enough, I didn’t have any scheduled after the last one I’d missed. So, I called them and got a few appointments scheduled. At first, the receptionist only scheduled the one. I asked, “what about the rest?” She was like, “the rest?” I was like, “yeah, I see her twice a week.” So, we scheduled a few more.

About an hour or so before Casey’s bedtime, he peed in my bed. He said he was trying to make it to the bathroom, but couldn’t. Yeah, he couldn’t because he was too busy playing Minecraft. So, I turned his computer off. He was so upset. So was I! I was f’n pissed! That would mean I’d have to stay up until God knew when doing laundry before I could sleep! Thanks a lot, Casey! So, I got started on that ASAP so I wouldn’t have to be up any later than necessary.

I kept playing Minecraft, because Casey was off doing something else once he calmed down. I went out to the kitchen for something, and thought that’s where I’d find him, but he wasn’t there. I was heading back to my room, and passed Dave, so asked him if he’d seen him. He said no, and I said I thought he was with him. So Dave headed to look around, and I made my way back towards my room to set something down. Dave said Casey must’ve been tired, that he had tucked himself in and fallen asleep. Sure enough, he was knocked out. That made me kinda sad, because I always read to him before bed, and tuck him in, and I didn’t get to.

Naturally, I was up late again that night, because I was doing laundry. It got to be about midnight, and I was falling asleep at the computer. I got so sick of waiting on the laundry, I just grabbed a blanket and laid down.

Woke up later than intended again Wednesday, but still on time. Got Casey up and off to school. Got on SL and parked, then went to get on Minecraft. When Autumn said she was going to take a nap, Colin and I tried again with uploading to my realm with the newer save. I had issues getting the export on my end to even get the save to him. Eventually I got it, and we started the process again. He was having issues, this time. So I tried again on my end, and left it running while going to pick Casey up from school.

Got home, and logged back out of my account so Colin could try it again while I did some dishes, since it still wasn’t working for me. After a while, I went and sat back down at the computer, and he said I could go ahead and log back in, because it worked. So, I did! And it was there, just as I’d left it!

So then Colin logged in to join me. Landed inside me, dressed as me, with my inventory, and my level. Tried to access his ender chest, but it was mine. So, somehow, the profiles got merged. He was still able to do his own thing and it wouldn’t affect my account, but the big thing was he’d lost about half his levels and couldn’t use an ender chest. That’s possibly going to be a big problem. I’m not sure how Microsoft/Mojang would feel, either, that I let someone else use my account to upload a world for me. But honestly? If the upload would just work right for me to begin with, that wouldn’t have happened.

So, Colin insisted it was fine, that he didn’t need an ender chest anyway. And he didn’t mind gaining some tools and things, but would put them away until he’d “earned the right to use them.” Fair enough. But, I still wasn’t happy about the situation.

We played on, nevertheless, with Casey joining us until it was time for him to go to bed.

Dave wanted chinese for dinner, but wanted to go there to eat it. I wasn’t up to going out, so he said he’d just see what he could find in the kitchen. He wasn’t happy with his choices, so begrudgingly agreed to go pick up an order. It was pretty dang tasty!!

Got Casey to bed at a fairly reasonable time, and I wasn’t up terribly late myself. I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, though. Managed to get Casey up and off to school on time, though.

Got on SL and changed the colors of my clothes, then parked. Then, got on Minecraft.

For some reason or another, I ended up saving a copy of the world and tried uploading it to the realm. Just to see if I could maybe? Oh! No, it was to see if it’d fix the problem with Colin’s access to his ender chest stuff. Anyway, after quite a while, there was a progress bar. And, it worked. It uploaded! So, I guess, if I had just persisted, it would have eventually worked for me and we wouldn’t have the problem with the ender chest stuff.

I got a new Fantasy texture pack and put it on, it’s pretty awesome but there’s a gold frame around each block of glass and the chat text is in gold as well. It’s 7:30pm just about now and my eyes are straining. I want to see if I can apply the texture pack to the realm, have my personal texture pack be the normal one, and at least have normal chat colors. If not, then I’ll just throw in the towel, and leave my texture pack set to the default Minecraft one.

Autumn’s headed to the store, so I took the realm offline for now, and am going to reset it and try the upload again. See if, tomorrow, Colin’s ender chest problem is fixed. Meanwhile, Casey’s playing in his personal world.

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