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Tarot reading

I was tinkering around with my website, which I’ve recently moved from being hosted at GoDaddy over to being hosted on Wix, adding an Astrology page. One of the elements I chose to include was a Tarot reading generator. I was amazed with my own personal reading:

Past, Nine Wands

You have had reasons to feel defensive in the past, but it has become something of a habit. People find it hard to get close to you. Your relationships have suffered because of this emotional baggage, time to dump it and quickly.

I have heard at times that people find it difficult to get close to me. Granted, I hear it most often from Dave. But, I have been defensive in the past, and I do carry a lot of emotional baggage from my past. So, there is truth to this!

Present, Seven of Cups

Are you overwhelmed by options, wasting your time with wishful thinking, or setting illusionary and unrealistic goals? Whichever, address the issue. If you’re in a romantic relationship be careful not too develop unrealistic hopes and dreams.

I am currently feeling overwhelmed with my website design options! Lol. Seriously, though, I have to decide if I’m going to keep letting GoDaddy house my domain names, or if I’m going to move them to Wix as well. And, if I’m going to keep the paid hosting option with Wix, or drop to the free hosting. Now, I have no reason to feel overwhelmed by this, since I have about a year to decide!

Future, Five of Cups

Whatever it is you lose and however hard it’s been mourn it properly, but then let it go. Why? Because when you do you will find yourself moving forwards again towards an exciting period of change, opportunity, and insight.

There are things that have been happening that, in the future, I need to just let go. So that I can move forward towards an exciting period of change, opportunity, and insight!

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