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Tame Tuesday?

Got to bed at a somewhat decent time Monday night. Slept ok, and was up a little bit earlier than usual. Got Casey up and off to school.

After returning home from dropping Casey off, I got some more coffee and got on SL to park. Then, I realized that it was restarts day, meaning they restart the regions in segments, so I switched back to mobile instead. Otherwise I’d have just gotten disconnected. At least on mobile (Lumiya app) I will reconnect, just in a different region.

I got on Minecraft for a little while, but then Colin mentioned an email he received from Wiz, so I launched it just to see if there was anything interesting. They were doing a “Christmas in July” promotion, and had brought a lot of things back for it. I got on to waste crowns on packs, hoping for a spell I tried desperately to get at Christmas time. At least this time, it paid off! Colin’s poor eardrums when I started to “squee.” I also got another complete “energy set” (all it’s really good for), so I was pretty damn happy about that, too!

After getting the new stuff, I went to one of the worlds, Marleybone, to test out my spell, as well as a wand I’d picked up in the packs. It took ages, and kinda melted my brain, but I eventually confirmed that my wand hit would not destroy school-specific traps on the enemies. Good information to have, especially if you’re going into a boss fight.

After that, I was pretty wiped from Wiz, so I got on and looked at Minecraft’s deals of the day. I saw that the Ultimate Mini Game world was on sale, so picked that up, and noticed that my awesome texture pack was discounted as well. It would have been nice to save 50%, but is still worth full price anyway.

Played on Minecraft for a while, doing more fishing, and eventually turned mobs back. I would fish during the day and hunt mobs at night. Not the most enjoyable, but at least it was something to do.

Picked Casey up from school, and all seemed ok. He did a bit of painting, and alternated that with playing with toys. Occasionally he’d watch what I was doing on Minecraft, but not for too long at any given time. I feel bad playing Minecraft without him, but he got punished for bad behavior, not me. I try not to throw it in his face, so to speak, that I can play and he can’t. He actually likes watching me play, though, so wants me to. And that’s fine, as long as it’s not all he’s doing.

For dinner I made a lean cuisine lasagna. It was pretty good, but I’d overcooked it a bit.

Dave got home, worked out, took a shower, ate, then went to get on his computer to do his school work.

Casey came and asked me if he could watch a movie, and I said no because his behavior hasn’t been very good lately. So then he went in by Dave. I’m not sure exactly what was going on, but I heard Casey say that I told him no, and then Dave came and asked if we could make an exception and allow Casey to watch a movie. “Unless you want to play a game with him or something.” I was just about to get in the shower, so I told him that was fine.

About 8:45, it occurred to me that it was getting kinda late, and I was just getting ready to ask Casey to do his “important stuff,” when he appeared from downstairs and said he was hungry. I said “of course you are, because it’s bedtime.” Without fail, every night at bedtime, he wants food.

I asked him to finish his cereal I’d served him earlier, that he’d only eaten the marshmallows out of, and he refused. He put up a fight. I told him he could eat that or go straight to bed. Dave showed up and took my side, shockingly enough, and said he wasn’t very happy that this was how Casey repaid him for pulling a favor about the movie. Somehow Dave managed to convince Casey to eat a few bites of cereal, and then he did his important stuff and I got him to bed.

All I did before bed myself was spend a couple more hours doing the “fishing/hunting” routine. I would still need more “mending” books and enough levels to make 2 new pickaxes, so may as well. It’s enough to put me to sleep, though. xD

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