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Talked to my sister

I hadn’t heard anything from my sister since a week after her 2nd son was born. She went from super-excited to meet me, to being under too much stress and unable to handle it. I had known she had post-partum depression with her first son, and wasn’t all too surprised to find that she was having a hard time after her second. I was worried about her, and asked our mom often if she’d heard anything. I was terrified of losing her the same way I’d lost our brother, since apparently there’s some hormonal issues running in our family. A couple months ago now, I think, our mom finally went to Mandy’s house (Yes, my sister’s name is Mandy, but with a “Y,” not “IE”) to check on her and they finally started communicating again. But I’d still heard nothing, and our mom didn’t want to bring it up, because she didn’t want to upset her and have her shut down again. I can completely understand that. I’d tried to send her messages on Facebook, but she never gets on there. I’d tried txting her, but she’d changed her phone # when her and her husband got new phones. I got this random idea yesterday to see if she was on Skype, since we’d added each other there. Sure enough, she was online at the time, and we started talking there, then got on the phone, and got on Skype last night! Waiting to hear form her now to get back on Skype tonight, hopefully. She confided in me a lot more than she’d told our mom, but mostly because I confided in her all the shit I’m dealing with right now. I felt bad, and told her so, that I was going on about all my problems, when she had been going through stuff the last time I had heard from her in February. She said she appreciated me confiding in her, because it made her feel like she could confide in me in turn. As it turns out, the shit she’d been going through after the birth of my 2nd nephew was the same exact shit I’d dealt with during my 5 “lost years.” I still kick myself for deleting all those entries on here, when now they would serve as my only reminder of that period of my life. But there’s nothing I can do about that now, huh? Anywho, so I think it’s helping us both to know that we’re not the only ones in the world dealing with what we deal with. I’m just so thankful that she’s talking to me again! She kept apologizing for not meeting me that time, when she shut down, so I kept reassuring her that I wasn’t hurt by it, that I understood she was going through a lot. Hell, we have the rest of our lives to be sisters!

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