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Tacoless Tuesday

Got to bed about when I wanted to last night. Got to sleep ok. Set my alarm for about 9:30 and that’s what got me up this morning. I was relieved, actually, that I didn’t wake up early. I wanted the extra sleep. At first, I felt refreshed again, like I’d had a good night’s sleep. Then I went to get out of bed and the tension in my neck was still there, and worse.

Casey was already up when I got up. He had helped himself to some yogurt and was just doing stuff on his tablet.

Got myself dressed on SL, but didn’t get on Wiz this morning. Since my gardens were done, there was no need. I could have gotten on to do some fishing to use the energy, but couldn’t face it. So, I went ahead and knocked out my free book and paid emails, then I got on Sims and messed around on there.

Later in the morning, Casey got upset when his tablet ran out of time. It runs out of time every day, but today he reacted badly to it. He then asked to watch a movie downstairs, and I told him he could after he spent some time playing with his toys. He got super upset about that. I always wonder, if playing with his toys is such a bad thing, why does he have so many??

Heard from Colin around 10:30. He’d had a rough night, so I didn’t expect to be on long with him. We both played Sims while we talked. Casey was playing the Nintendo at that point anyway. I couldn’t face another argument with him, so I let him. Next thing I know, it’s about 3:30 and Colin and I are saying our goodbyes for the day.

I ended up laying down for a while, with Casey laying next to me on my bed playing Nintendo. I dozed on and off for a little over an hour.

Dinner was homemade lasagna. Well, if you consider that I was at home when I made it. It was an off-brand frozen lasagna. It was decent, but not as good as Stouffer’s. Dave told Casey he had to eat lasagna as well. That he had to at least try it, and if he tried it and didn’t like it he could have something else. We still struggle with getting Casey to eat what we eat, so I sided with Dave. Casey refused to even try it, even though he’s had and liked lasagna in the past. He wouldn’t even eat the garlic breadstick, and normally he can’t resist bread!

After dinner, Dave took Casey on a wagon ride. I stayed back and did a few things on the computer, then got in the shower. Showers are always hard on me, with my knee. This time was no different.

After my shower, Casey and Dave were back and Dave got his shower. I rested my knee for a bit, then had Casey do his important stuff for bed. He wanted me to go with him into the bathroom, but I knew that if I did I’d have to brush his teeth and wash his face for him, which would involve standing and moving around more than what I could tolerate at the time. So, I told him my knee was hurting very bad and he’d need to take care of his important stuff by himself. He didn’t argue with me, thank God, and got his stuff done while I continued to rest.

While Casey was getting his stuff done, I checked to see if I had any messages on IMVU. I noticed my old bookmark for Meez and decided, out of curiosity, to check it as well. No messages on IMVU, and Meez appears to have shut down without notice. Both of them are incomparable to SL anyway.

Got Casey tucked in and plugged in my headset so I could watch my shows. I decided I wanted to stay up a little later tonight, so I picked Criminal Minds and am aiming to watch the last 3 episodes tonight. I’ve watched one, and then it occurred to me I should maybe post here before I forget. So, I’m going to get another snack and get back to my shows. I look forward to catching up now that the seasons are over, so I can cancel CBS All Access. Hopefully I can stay caught up better next season and not have to pay the subscription again. I think it’s ridiculous that you can only watch the most recent few weeks online without paying. Oh well. I’m back to it.

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