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Sunday – September 20, 2020

I guess I’ll take the opportunity to rant, since I had to start my day by going over to Dave’s to feed the pets. He’d told me several weeks back that he needed me to get off work the 19th to the 21st because he would be out of town. I assumed he would be out of town for something to do with work, because why else would I be asking time off for him? Well, not only did I have to ask off work, but I’d have to look after the pets for him. And why? Because he went off with Jennifer to tour breweries out of town. So I have to take off work when I would normally get a lot of hours, so he can fuck off with his girlfriend? I am not pleased.

Aside from looking after the cats and fish at Dave’s, I spent the day on Black Desert and also doing a bit of reading. I got a tiny bit done later in the afternoon for Project Uolo, but not much.

Brad came over, we had a nice time hanging out before heading off to bed. He cooed at me and called me baby, his first use of a pet name with me. I loved it.

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