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Sunday, October 25, 2020

After getting woken up via coffee, Casey and I headed to the animal shelter in Mauston to look at Pheonix, the Pit Bull. He looked friendly, but his energy made me nervous. I didn’t even get to pet him because the volunteer who showed him to me wouldn’t open his kennel. I decided that his energy would likely be too much for me to handle.

They had another dog there, a girl named Bailey, who was much calmer, and I got to snuggle her a bunch. I ended up changing the application to her information and left it with them. Casey wanted to snuggle the cats that were there, but I wouldn’t let him in because I didn’t want him to insist on a cat and be upset when I said no. I would love a cat, but as I kept explaining to him, there’s nowhere in the apartment where I could put a litter box that it wouldn’t stink up the whole place.

Dave came over in the afternoon and we assembled Casey’s new loft bed. Dave became super nervous about Casey being so up high. I wish he’d said something before I even ordered the bed, much less before we assembled it. Casey was fine, though, and is happy with his new bed.

I’d hoped to meet up with Alex for lunch or dinner, but the plans fell through. Come to find out, he lives over an hour away. I’d been under the impression he lived in town. It’s just as well since I still want to reconnect with Brad and see where things stand there.

Speaking of Brad, it’s been over 2 weeks and I haven’t heard anything at all from him. This is the longest it’s been, and I’m really worried about him as well as the “relationship.” I wish I knew what the hell was going on. If he’s moved on from me, I deserve to be told as much so I can try to move on as well. If he’s just going through a rough time, can’t he at least tell me? If he won’t let me be there for him, I still at least deserve to know that he needs/wants space. To hear absolutely nothing from him is just not right, and it hurts.

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