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Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday

Sunday, woke up about 10am again. Got my coffee, got on SL to park, then got on Conan. Played on there on and off all day, mostly with the heating pad on my knee. It was really hurting after watching the Holiday Train the night before!

Monday, had trouble getting out of bed on time. Just as I was sitting up to get up, I saw the hall light flip on and a tall figure in my doorway. Dave must have thought I wouldn’t make it up.

Got my latte, got on SL to park, got Casey up, dressed, and fed, dropped him off at school, then came back home for a bit. I had therapy at 9, so I didn’t bother getting on Conan.

Oh, while Dave was getting ready this morning, he started spouting off a “honey do” bs list. Trash, dishes, this, that, the other. Blah blah blah. He always says “we” have to do whatever it is, when he means that he wants me to do whatever it is. I hate it.

Therapy went well, we talked about how things have been going, then dove into how I’ve been doing with the whole self esteem thing. Not well! I’d forgotten I was supposed to be working on sticky notes! But also, I struggle to come up with positive traits of my own as it is, under pressure I don’t know if I could. Kinda explained that, when it comes down to it, anything I think is a positive quality, I can find a million reasons why it’s just not true. So we talked for a while about “Negative Nancy” and ways to “defeat” her. She gave me an information packet. But she also said that, first, she wants me to keep working on the sticky note thing. That was Monday, I’m typing this on Wednesday, and there are still 0 notes.

After getting home from therapy, I got on Conan with Colin. Played on there on and off throughout the rest of the day. Usually, when Dave tells me to do chores, I completely avoid doing those chores on principle. I didn’t do much of them, but I did scoop the litter box and take care of the dishes. I can’t make the cats pay for Dave’s “you’re my maid!” attitude, and the dishes would bug me endlessly.

Picked up Casey from school, and he mentioned that everyone had brought stuffed animals to school. I then remembered seeing a note about it, but forgot all about it. Even when I put those notes on the bulletin board, I forget. I hate that! I need to set reminders on my phone, I guess.

When we were eating dinner, Casey mentioned it again. I started looking through all the stuff he gets in his folder from school, and found the note. I didn’t mention having found it, I kept acting like I was looking, sorting through stuff, and sneakily folded it and stuffed it in my bra when I had my back facing Dave. If he knew that we’d gotten a note, I’d have caught hell for it.

As I was walking back toward my room after dinner, Dave was opening something or another we’d gotten in the mail. After I’d sat down, he brought it to me, and asked if I was tracking the IEP meeting. That’s basically a meeting to cover Casey’s progress with speech therapy. I asked what he meant by tracking it, then he was like, “did you know? are you going?” He knew about it last year, I’m sure, and didn’t express interest in going. This time, he seemed like he wanted to be there.

I took care of my free book & paid emails, then got Casey ready for bed, then got back on Conan for a while. Just did some grindy farming stuff, then went to bed.

Tuesday, woke up later than I wanted again. Got my latte and got on SL to park while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then came back home and got on Conan. Spent the rest of the day on there with Colin.

After school let out, we waited for Dave, he had confirmed the meeting time before he’d left for work in the morning. Once he got there, we headed to an office to talk things over. Casey is doing well and progressing. We talked over all that in detail, went over some goals and the plan for continuing him in the program.

When we got home, I got back on Conan.

At dinner time, I mentioned to Dave that we had a free pizza from Pizza Hut. I asked if he wanted me to order one. He started acting like a jerk about it, that he had to eat RIGHT THEN because of something or another with his school work. I went and ordered pizza for me and Casey. Then Casey wanted cereal, not pizza, so he ate that. When the pizza got there, I heard Dave in his room TALKING ON THE PHONE. Mister “I have to eat RIGHT NOW” but you have time for a fucking phone call? Whatever. I ate while playing on Conan.

Got Casey to bed, then did more grindy farming on Conan until bed.

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