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Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday

Sunday… woke up about 11am again. Felt like I got enough sleep, but sore from being in bed that late. Got my latte and got parked on SL, then jumped on Conan. Played on there on and off throughout the day.

Dave and Casey headed down to the Quad Cities shortly after I got up. I was invited to go with, and was fighting with myself on whether or not to go. I wouldn’t have minded visiting with Dave’s family, I just couldn’t bear the thought of spending a total of 8 hours in the car with him, and the awkward feeling around his family. I’m fairly certain he’s told them things are going downhill, but they act normal around me. But, it just doesn’t feel normal anymore.

Stayed up late again, playing Conan with Colin and chatting on the Discord server with Nym and Deez. I was also struggling to get sleepy enough for bed.

Monday… woke up late again, but not quite as late. Got some coffee and got on SL to park, then jumped on Conan with Colin, who was up around the same time. Played on there on and off throughout the day, while also getting a few things done around the house that needed to get done. Got the presents wrapped, that was the main thing.

Took a shower in the early evening, then opened my Christmas PJs. The pattern I didn’t mind so much, kinda reminds me of a candy cane. Vertical stripes, but not bad. But, it was a long nightgown with a collar. I don’t wear long nightgowns, and I haven’t in years. And why on earth a collar on a nightgown?

Dave and Casey got back later than I had expected, pretty much just in time to get Casey ready for bed. He got to open his Christmas PJs. His were pretty cute, a long sleeve shirt and pant set. Why would my mom have picked out something for me that was so hideous? Dave opened his and his were nice, too. Dave got Casey to make me pinky swear to wear my Christmas pjs the next morning. Ugh.

Didn’t stay up too late, but later than I should have. Slept ok, and woke up before anyone else Christmas morning. Put on the god-awful PJs from my mom, and got some coffee. I didn’t bother getting on SL, just stayed on Lumiya on my phone for it. I got my computer booted up, and checked on Conan to make sure we hadn’t been purged late the night before since we were close, but otherwise headed downstairs to spend the day with Casey, opening presents and having a nice Christmas.

Casey was excited about the Wii, until he tried playing Mario Kart. It’s very difficult, but after a while it occurred to me, we were probably holding the steering wheel incorrectly. Will have to try again another time. So, he moved on to other gifts. Lots of stuff that was really awesome. Ended up spending a few hours putting together a Minecraft Lego set, and then spent the evening playing Super Paper Mario on the Wii. It was left as no secret that Mommy picked out the Wii, that’s fine. It’s more of a family gift anyway, so sure.

Once Casey was tucked into bed, I finally got on Conan. We were being purged. I didn’t even think to grab a thrall or pet to follow me, just rushed to the desert base to minimize the damage. Thanks to the help of Nym and Deez, I have an armorer and archer being broken in the wheel of pain. The armorer I’m particularly excited about, because it’s the only one that can make the bearer pack that allows you to carry extra stuff.

Struggled a bit to wind down after the purge, so ended up spending quite a while dismantling the lower part of the desert base and building a tower next to the elevator atop the hill. It’s part of the lengthy downsizing process. Take up a smaller footprint, easier to protect, further away from the Scorpion boss. Got the tower finished and moved the contents of the chests over, otherwise that was about it for the night.

Finally I was ready for bed after getting a pretty decent start on things in the desert. Said goodnight to Nym and Deez, then headed to bed.

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