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Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday

Got a little behind, oops. I’m keeping this brief, though.

Sunday I didn’t have to be to work until 7:30, so I spent the day playing around on Black Desert.

Work went well, and I heard from Brad during my shift so made plans to go see him after work. It’s always heaven to sleep in his arms.

Monday I picked Casey up after having a quick shower at home, then we headed to my work so I could chat with Britney for a few. It went well, mostly it was just to explain to her my side of what had happened the weekend before this one.

We headed back home and hung around there the rest of the day, each playing our respective games.

Tuesday was a busy day. We went to Walmart to grab a few things, then quickly put them away. I stopped at Culver’s on the way to Sparta so I could eat while driving there, then we had OT and Speech. We headed back home after the appointments and spent the rest of the day chilling.

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