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Sunday & Monday

Sunday morning I woke up pretty late for what’s been my norm lately. I didn’t feel like I’d gotten very good sleep, either. I attributed that to feeling like a cold was coming on yet again. Casey was resting in bed, saying he felt icky as well, in the same way, and that he thought he just needed to stay at home and rest instead of going to the movie.

Got some coffee and got on SL to park, ignoring Colin. I questioned whether I was overreacting about the whole “joke” regarding my knee and lube, but the reminder of it was enough to make me see red again, so I’m pretty sure I was not overreacting.

Got on Blade & Soul on my Blade Dancer to continue working on her side quests to get them caught up. It was challenging, but much more exciting and fun than the Gunslinger. Spent the day working on that.

At one point, Dave made the claim that I was avoiding taking Casey to the movie that day because I can’t tear myself away from my video game. That is definitely not the case, neither of us were feeling very well! We both needed to stay at home and rest. Plus my knee was better, but still not where it should be, uncomfortable and in pain.

Ignored Dave as best I could and continued playing on BnS. Dave cleaned out the fridge and loaded the dishwasher to run it. I wasn’t sure how pleased I was by this, considering how awful he is at fitting lots of dishes into the dishwasher.

Dave ended up going to Aldi to get some groceries for his lunches for the week. I got some ground beef out of the freezer to thaw to make a “Chili Con Lizzie” but with beans added this time. I’d made the same thing the previous weekend, but with ground turkey and no beans.

Dave got home and went off on me about the small bag of beans being the equivalent to like 4 cans of beans and that I should have asked him if he was planning to use the beans because he could have informed me of this, “It’s called effective communication.” Wtf??

Around the time the oven beeped to let me know the beans were done soaking, I heard him in the kitchen doing his own food prep. I went ahead and got started, and it felt like we were dancing around each other in the kitchen as the two of us were cooking a total of three meals, to include Casey’s mac & cheese he wanted for dinner.

The dish I made turned out pretty well. The beans could have soaked for longer, but I’d followed the “quick soak” instructions. It also could have used more chili seasoning, but it was still tasty.

When I went to put the leftovers in the fridge, Dave started chastising me for not having cleaned out the rest of HIS bad leftovers to make room for what I was putting in. Seriously? Am I your fucking maid? The answer is NO, I am NOT! He was trying to hand ME the dishes to have me take care of them, and I said something about having no intention of emptying the dishwasher that night (I’d spent the time cooking earlier also hand-washing everything as I went) and unless he intended to empty the dishwasher he could put them back in the fridge.

Back to BnS with Autumn, she’d managed to get the Crimson clan up to rank 5, unlocking the uniform crafting. She started telling me I needed to get on with her to make the decision together, despite the fact that the whole reason she’d started the clan to begin with was because she wanted to do the uniform design. I didn’t even feel like getting on my Gunslinger, I was enjoying playing on my Blade Dancer. I was also nearly done with the side quests. Despite telling her that I wasn’t planning to get on my Gunslinger until later, she starts sending me screen shots and spammed the Discord server with them as well. So, having finished on my Blade Dancer by that point anyway, I went ahead and switched characters.

We spent quite a bit of time going through the options, both with each other and with the group. She made some comment about me taking away the only thing she’d created the clan for, so I reminded her that she’d told me to get on my Gunslinger to help her. After much more time passed of going through all the options, we settled on a design.

Autumn said she planned to finish the story on that character that night so she could start grinding. She said she hates grinding but wants the outfit, lol. Leave it to her to do thing she doesn’t like (grinding, pvp, raids) in the name of fashion. Her internet ended up going out, though, and they were expecting a bad storm, so she said she was going to take a nap before the storm woke her up.

Since I was on that character and now we’d need a lot more things contributed, I felt obligated to stay on her and do my faction dailies as well as farm this Soulstone Plains place for Soulstones we needed for the uniforms as well. So, I worked on that until I was ready for bed. At least for most of it I had company of another person from the Discord server. Though, he said he’d “brb” and then I waited a while before disconnecting from voice, giving up.

I’d set my alarm for this morning so I wouldn’t sleep too late, needing to stay on a decent schedule since I’d have to get up for school tomorrow. I woke up before my alarm started ringing, though. Got a latte and got on SL to park, continuing to ignore Colin. Sunday night he didn’t even bother to message me when he was going to bed. Jerk.

After parking, I got on Conan to refresh the bases, and then Aura Kingdom and DDO to take care of the auction house stuff. Once those rounds were done, I took care of my free book & paid emails before getting on Blade & Soul. I ended up just getting on my Gunslinger to work on some of her daily stuff. I’d left off with farming Moonlight Buds the night before, so started on that.

I asked Casey, just to be sure, if he wanted to go to the movie today, or if he wanted to wait until Daddy could join us. At first he said he’d wait until Dave could come, but then he mentioned that being tomorrow. I said, no, it wouldn’t be tomorrow, that it would be at least Saturday. He said, nevermind, we’ll go today. I checked what time the movie would start and asked if he wanted to have lunch in Onalaska before the movie, or eat at home first. We agreed it made more sense to head there for lunch, so we’d already be in town and could manage our time better.

Went ahead and got dressed, then headed out. Got to Onalaska around noon and got Arby’s for lunch. Once we were done eating, we headed to the theater. The movie was much better than I expected, I hadn’t really been looking forward to it if I’m honest. But, I ended up really enjoying it and was glad Casey had picked it.

After the movie we went to the mall to walk around a bit. I noticed two of their anchor stores had gone out of business, and the whole place just felt desolate. We enjoyed our time there, regardless. Picked out some books for Casey and his cousin Ruthie, got a new Nintendo 3ds game for Casey (Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics 2012 or something like that) and I got some new tongue rings. One store we went into had some Mario stuff right next to some Minecraft stuff, and it made me feel like getting onto the Mario Minecraft world sometime soon.

Headed back home and got home at the same time as Dave, more or less. I’d texted him while at the theater to let him know I hadn’t had much time to scoop the litter box or put away the clean dishes before we left. Not entirely untrue, I need time to wake up before doing chores! And instead of doing chores, we left for Onalska lol.

So, as soon as we were in and settled, I scooped the litter box and then put away the clean dishes. Then I sat down at my desk and launched BnS. I got started on my faction dailies on my Gunslinger while Casey played his new game on my bed.

He kept getting frustrated because he wasn’t getting 1st place. I tried to explain to him that 2nd and 3rd place were still considered winners in this type of thing, but that wasn’t good enough for him. While I was getting my nighttime pills, he busted into tears. I consoled him and suggested he take a break from it and do something else for a while. Dave came in and said that was why he’d not played many video games as a child, he wasn’t very good and would get frustrated. He said that he would just take a break and go back to it, and that Casey should do that as well. So, Casey took a break, and asked about going outside to ride his bike and blow bubbles. I explained that his bike still needed to be brought out, cleaned up, and that the tires needed air, and that I didn’t know where his bubbles were.

Casey went and talked with Dave about it, and the two of them went outside with a new bubble set Casey had never opened that he found in his room. I continued working on my faction dailies. When they came back in a short while later, Casey came and asked me if, when I was done playing my game, I could go outside with him so he could blow bubbles. I told him that I was planning to take a shower very soon. Somehow it was mentioned that I am always playing my games and never wanting to do anything else or be helpful around the house.

I know I play my games, a lot. Shit, it takes up most of my journal entries most days. But I haven’t had luck finding a work from home job, I can’t guarantee that I can work a job outside the home because of my knee. Casey’s in school. I know I only get the “bare minimum” done of seeing to the dishes and litter box and I don’t really do much else but play my games. I need to get back on track with getting chores done, to be helpful. Especially since spring is here and Dave will need to do the mowing, I need to spend more time cleaning. But it’s not like my knee has been the best, again, for months, again. I’ll figure it out. But not during a period of time when Dave is constantly bitching about me not being helpful. Because I can’t do it for him. It has to be for me. He doesn’t get to win over me like that. It just empowers him to keep treating me like his servant.

So, I got my faction dailies wrapped up as quick as I could and then got in the shower. Once out of the shower, I got Casey’s stuff out so he could start getting ready for bed. Then I read to him and tucked him in.

Now I’m going to play around on Blade & Soul until I’m ready for bed myself, which will hopefully not be too late. With any luck, Autumn will stop dicking around on the game and start actually questing. She’s been discussing the materials we need for crafting the uniform a lot, and I wonder what she’s spending more time doing. She can’t help grind for all the materials we need if she won’t focus on questing to be at a point where the game will actually let her. I know the loading screens and cut scenes are lengthy, and boring, but she’s nearly there now.

I need to see what there is I can actually do on the game though, while waiting on her to finish with the story line. Maybe just, get out there, see where people are just hanging around, socialize? Idk, worth a shot. And, with any luck, she’ll be at a point tonight where we can farm together for some of the materials, in a zone that she can access.

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