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Sunday & Monday

Set my alarm so I wouldn’t oversleep, and was awoken by the sound of Casey excitedly finding what the “Easter Bunny” had left for him. He showed me what all he got while I was getting some coffee. He started playing with his new Hot Wheels Police Station, so I went and got on SL to get dressed for the day. I wanted to spend the day on there with my new Elven Treehome and Autumn.

Took her to a good store for furniture that doesn’t cost much prim (land impact) called PrimPossible. We only looked around, but she did snag something that was either free or L$1. Then I headed to WhatNext to see if they had anything new. They’re not quite as low of prim but very high quality stuff. She took me to a shop she’d found that has neko stuff, and there was one tail with gorgeous textures but it was poor quality mesh and way too expensive to consider for the quality. After that I headed to a shop that has cute animals that can wander around in some cases, they were Gachas. I bought a few corgis and sent Autumn some. I’d tried to TP her to me but she crashed.

She got back on and was asking how to sell stuff on the marketplace, because she’d gotten a Gacha pair of slippers and didn’t want them. I walked her through that. Then she took me to a place called Free Dove, where you join a group for free and snag a ton of freebies. It was a lot of stuff that she and I could both wear, too. That was nice.

So, Casey likes doing art projects with empty boxes. I’d left the one my purse came in on the floor in our little “bonus room.” Dave comes in and asks if I still need it, plopping it on my bed claiming that I’m suffocating him by crowding his living space (note – bonus room, nobody “lives” in it). I told him he could take it down to recycling then but he walked out anyway. so, I put it back where he’d gotten it from – I wasn’t going back down the stairs, I’d just cracked my knee.

Autumn asked about inventory sorting so I told her how I do it. She worked on sorting some, but most of her stuff was full outfits so she didn’t get far.

A while later, I went back into the kitchen and was getting some kale out of the refrigerator. Dave accused me of moving his stuff to the back, so I semi-snapped that I wasn’t. He asked me why I’m always so hateful. I said, “Because I live with you.” He says, “Then move out.” Me: “So you want me and Casey living on the streets?” “Then get a job.” Less than a minute later. “It’s not my problem that you can’t work.” (But, you just told me to get a job, and follow that up with referencing my inability to work?) And less than a minute after that, “Your financial woes are none of my concern.” So, it does seem like he’s perfectly fine with Casey and I living on the streets. If he thinks he’s getting Casey he has another thing coming. There’s no way I’ll let him get Casey full time — then he’d abuse Casey like he does me, no doubt.

I spent a short while trying to find information about low-income housing here in Tomah, but there was a devastating lack of information available online.

I bought a fairy off the marketplace that turned out to be a breedable that requires food. So, I went and bought food for it. It’s too cute. But after I placed it, I checked my land impact and was seriously short.

I have a temp-rezzing system that is supposed to mark whatever’s in it as “temporary” so that it doesn’t cost against land impact. So, I started getting all my decorative objects I could put in there ready to utilize that. I spent the bulk of the evening working on that, only to discover that it would cost more land impact. I guess the temp-rezzing isn’t working properly. So then I put everything back how I’d had it, non-temp, and started shopping for replacements for a couple pieces that were costing higher amounts of land impact for me. A grill and a porch swing. Found those and got them placed before going to bed.

Today I got up at the usual time, got my latte and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home for a short while before therapy.

I was hoping to hear from Daniel, even though that would mean a booty call and I really didn’t have time for that. Next thing I know, as though he were reading my mind, he messaged me. He sent me a funny meme about the Easter Bunny doing momma doggy-style to fill her basket lol. He ended up saying he had a dentist appointment and didn’t want to go home just to turn around and come back to town, and asked about a quickie once I told him I also had an appointment. So, I said ok and he came over and we did our thing before we both had to go to our respective appointments.

Therapy went well, it was mostly a me chatting session. I told her all about what’s been going on with Dave. We discussed options for getting me and Casey somewhere safe, but the options aren’t looking too good because we haven’t filed any paperwork and it costs $3000 each to hire a lawyer for it. I talked with her a bit about Daniel as well, and she wants me to talk about my feelings more with him. Even just, happy or sad, any kind of feeling talk. She recognizes that I’m uncomfortable discussing my feelings because every feeling I have at home, positive or negative, is put down by Dave. So, after Therapy I sent Daniel a message saying that I was happy now after seeing him lol.

Headed straight back home after therapy and got on Conan to refresh the bases, since I’d neglected to do it yesterday. Colin and I had talked about it and agreed we could just stop worrying about the desert, so it was actually just the jungle base I had to walk around. That was much nicer. Then I created a new co-op map that Colin and I could hopefully play in together sometime. I didn’t want to play too much without anybody, so logged back out after I’d created my character.

Got back on SL with Autumn. I was having a lot of trouble, though, and ended up restarting the modem and router. That didn’t help, and when Colin tried to get on he was also having issues. Guess it was SL after all. Finally we were on and things were functioning better. He abandoned his premium home to get one in Elderglen with me and Autumn. He contacted support to see if he could specially request a house, and they said no. That sucks. He got one anyway, and it ended up being only 2 sims north of Autumn.

It was getting close to time to get Casey, so Colin and I just chatted while I worked on setting up a new Truthball at the new house. I’d got them before but needed one for this place. They come with notecards that can’t be modified, and you can buy additional ones that you also can’t modify. So I had to select that question set and then keep clicking and copying and pasting each line into a new notecard to save it and add it to the ball. I only had 6 to do at least.

Went and picked up Casey, and we headed to the house. I got started on a few chores right away, dishes and the litterbox. Casey had a successful trip to the bathroom for a change, and then kept watching stuff on his tablet. So, I did stuff on SL with Autumn.

I tried taking her to a couple places that were gorgeous and/or awesome but they were no longer there. So then I took her to the 2019 Easter Town before it would be dismantled. They had an Easter Egg Hunt going on with all kinds of freebies, so we spent a lot of time trying to find all the eggs.

After that hunt, since we both enjoyed it, I searched “easter hunt” to find other places. One was advertising it but it ended 2 days ago. I ended up getting Autumn and I each a Gacha dress from there, which turned out to be the same one.

After the gacha store, I hopped in the shower in RL. Casey took care of his bedtime stuff early, while I was in the shower. Autumn and I stayed on SL but mostly just chatted a bit. It’s about 20 past 10 now and I’m pretty tired, so I’m going to head to bed.

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