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Sunday & Monday

Woke up to an alarm set for about 8:15 on Sunday. Dave and Casey were still sleeping, they’d had a “slumber party.” Got my latte and got changed on SL, then parked.

Got on Conan to refresh the bases, then Aura Kingdom and DDO to deal with the Auction Houses. Finally found stuff worth rolling for on the Aura Kingdom paragon table. After that, got on Minecraft and ended up playing around on there on and off the rest of the day.

A lady was supposed to come by and pick up my bike for $10, but then I went to tell Dave about it. He informs me that, a few years ago when we moved to Texas, movers had broken the bike line. Wow! Thanks for letting me know a few years ago! I asked why he didn’t tell me when it happened, his response was “well it’s not my bike.” Yah, that’s kinda my point. What an asshole.

A couple hours later he tells me that he’s going to look for a bike listed on Facebook Marketplace. Ok, fine. Probably only had the idea because I was trying to get rid of mine. But, he doesn’t need a bike — he already has one he never rides. Whatever, no point in trying to argue with him. He comes back around the time I’m looking at Pizza Hut for food. Casey and I both wanted pizza. I went down to ask Dave if he wanted anything, but saw him fiddling with his new bike. I asked how much it cost, and he said $50. I made a comment about him going and spending $50 without asking me, and he’s like “Well who said it was our money I was spending?” Uh, who else’s money would you be spending? I shrug it off, not in the mood to deal with his bullshit, and ask if he wants anything from Pizza Hut. He goes off on me about us not needing to spend money on Pizza Hut right now. Uh, right, because, $50 bike. I go back to my room for a bit.

A while later, I go the kitchen to grab an ice pack. He offers to make the frozen pizza, and I said, “That’s not going to feed 3 people.” I go back to my room and rest a while, then go back to the kitchen to start heating up some frozen chinese. After it’s heated and I’m sitting back down eating it, Dave comments that it won’t feed 3 people either, that Casey won’t eat it. I was thinking, “Yeah you won’t eat General Tso’s chicken either, because it’s chicken, and spicy.” But an hour or so later he was heating up his frozen pizza, which happened to be a Supreme. And not a Vegan Supreme.

Got Casey to bed about the usual time, then got on SL for a while with Autumn until I was ready for bed myself.

Got up Monday and got my latte, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home and got on Minecraft.

Autumn and I ended up traveling to the jungle once she was up for the day. It was so nice there I built us a vacation home. We collected some things and tamed some parrots for each of us. We explored a cave system a bit. She said she wasn’t sure she wanted to bring any parrots home because they make sounds like any of the mobs if there are any close by, and it gave me an idea for an addition I could make by my house. I told her about that and we headed back home. I chopped down a few trees and planted a few saplings, then we got on SL.

Did some shopping on SL at a new place she showed me that did Omega appliers, really awesome looking stuff too. Then went to bed.

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