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Sunday & Monday

Sunday morning, got up relatively early. Got some coffee and got on SL to park. Hopped on Conan to refresh the base, and then DDO to check the Auction House. Then got on Portal Knights to check stuff, but didn’t really do anything.

Started looking online for things to do, outdoors, with Casey. Ended up taking off down to the Dells to go to the Deer Park there, after having a quick lunch at McDonald’s.

The Deer Park was tons of fun, I got to pet this one so much, it was nice. I love deer! Ok, they taste good too but, that’s beside the point.

On the way home I heard from Daniel, he wanted to hook up. I told him we were driving back from the Dells, and he said he was almost home and had to hurry back to Cashton where his parents were watching Michael. So, it didn’t look like I’d be seeing him.

Got home and went ahead and got in the shower anyway, in case Daniel delayed his return a bit to see me. He did, so I went over there. Times like how it was Sunday make me really think he does love me, but doesn’t want to admit it. He was so sweet, it was amazing.

When I got home, Dave was in bed sleeping. I got Casey a bath and then got him ready for bed.

Once he was in bed, I got on Portal Knights with Cyn and played on there for a while, until bedtime.

Monday, got my latte then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home.

Spent the day doing all sorts of stuff on Portal Knights, sans Cyn. She’d tried to get on for a bit, but then crashed. I didn’t hear from her for 7 1/2 hours after that.

Most of what I was doing was unlocking portals on the old world, the one we played on before switching to the G-Portal server. That world is still going to be used for resources, so we don’t tear the shit out of the new server. We’ll still get some resources from the new place, but just not mine huge holes everywhere and ruin the landscape. Unless we hate the landscape lol.

Picked Casey up from school at the usual time. Saw Michael on his way out, I knew Daniel had him a couple extra days and that his mom would be dropping him off and picking him up. He came over to me like he was going to hug me, which was sweet, but then he must have thought better of it. His ADHD can be a handful at times, but damn I would love that boy as if he were my own.

Got Casey home and got him to sit on the toilet for a while. I got back to work on Portal Knights. It occurred to me, I couldn’t remember if I’d taken my birth control the night before, so I went to check. I only saw Sunday’s missing, and thought it was Tuesday when it was really Monday, so I went ahead and took Monday’s. After Casey was done in the bathroom, he got on Minecraft for a while.

Dave got home from work somewhat early, and went to mow the lawn. Casey went outside to play, then, when we were supposed to play Minecraft together. I would rather him play outside or with toys, though, so I didn’t remind him about playing Minecraft together.

Went to take my meds and, still thinking it was Tuesday, took another birth control pill.

When he finally came back in, he needed a quick bath and then it was time for bed. He was super upset that we didn’t get to play Minecraft together, so he had me set another alarm to play together the next day.

Got him snuggled in, then got back to work on Portal Knights. Finally heard from Cyn again, she’d fallen asleep. She was trying to get on PK with me, but I was pretty sleepy so I was just wrapping up what I was doing before bed. It was fairly early, but I was tired. She was having trouble getting in, though. I ended up just going to bed without saying much of anything to her. I was a bit peeved about her laying back down without saying anything and being MIA for 7 1/2 hours. She sleeps too much, it’s not healthy.

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