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Sunday & Monday

Got to bed late again Saturday night. Didn’t sleep the best, but did get to sleep in on Sunday.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was actually breakfast left for me this week. Orange and cinnamon rolls were both made. I’m sure that’s the only reason there was any left.

Got my laundry taken care of shortly after I got up, so Dave could start on his.

Then I spent the day doing questing on Wiz.

Made a pasta bake for dinner. I went above and beyond by making it half vegan, half regular. I tried the vegan half and it was actually really good. I could tell Dave was impressed, even though he has a shitty way of showing it.

A little while after dinner, Casey fell asleep on my bed, so I was just going to let him nap a bit. He woke up because he had to go potty, #2, and it was a big one.

Got him a bath after he finished and let him soak and play for a while. Afterward he wanted to get his PJs on in my room. He does this thing these days about claiming to be lonely if he’s left alone for more than 2 seconds. Well, then he complained about it being cold in my room and asked me to turn off my fan. I never turn off my fan, because it makes a lot of noise for a while after turning it back on. I didn’t feel like arguing, though, so turned it off so he could get his PJs on. Got him to bed, later than I wanted him to get to bed.

Got back on Wiz and started working more on side quests. The main quest line was nearing the end of that world and there would be cheating bosses coming up, so I thought I’d take it a bit easier. Still bosses involved, and some may cheat, but shouldn’t be as bad as what used to be the “end-game.”

So then, as I was finally getting ready to get in bed, I used the bathroom, and then remembered I’d forgotten to plunge the toilet after Casey pooped. So I spent about 20 minutes working the plunger, failing miserably. I only stopped because the plunger had made a huge blister on my right hand, which it then also scraped right off. The wound was super painful, so much so that I had to bandage it.

Then I remembered, just prior to crawling into bed at 12:20am, that I’d forgotten to turn the fan back on after Casey was done getting his PJs on.

Slept horribly, both because of the noise from the fan at the start of the night, and also the burning pain in my right hand. I didn’t want to get out of bed Monday morning when the alarms started blaring.

When I did finally manage to crawl out of bed, I was surprised to see Casey already up, laying on daddy’s bed and watching his tablet. At least this meant there was no fight to get him ready for school!

While Casey was at school, I delicately worked the plunger some more. I’d forgotten, when using the bathroom first thing in the morning, to use Dave’s instead. So the clog was even worse with all the toilet paper from the use before bed and the use first thing in the morning. It actually overflowed and covered about half of the bathroom floor. I had to let it sit a while to let the water go back down, and got back to work on it. I managed to get it unclogged, but then had a mess of towels and rugs and the icky floor to deal with. I took the towels and rugs to the basement, only to find that there was stuff of Dave’s in the washer. So I left it on the floor next to the machine.

I filled the mop bucket with water, and got to thinking about how it’d been 2 months since the floor last got mopped because Dave won’t do it. So, I mopped the dining room, kitchen, bonus room, my bathroom, and the stairs and landing leading down to the basement. All with my bad knee.

When Colin finally got back, he did switch from mobile SL to the computer, but said he didn’t feel like getting dressed or doing anything. So I ended up going off and getting a couple games for the public portion of our land, wandered around a couple clothing shops, then went to park up at our cafe. We got off Skype at a somewhat reasonable time.

At the tail end of our call, I’d started working on dusting stuff off in my bedroom. The layer of dust was pretty thick, it had been a while. Got it all looking much better. I still need to take the lamp shade off my one lamp and wash it in the kitchen, but everything else is free of dust.

Dinner was leftover pasta bake, so Casey and I ate (Casey had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich) and then went outside for a bit. He’d wanted to go to the little park that’s practically in our back yard, but it would involve me going up a hill and I just couldn’t do that with my knee right now.

This got me concerned. What am I going to do for SIX WEEKS not being able to take Casey outside for fresh air and play time?? Sure, my dad will be here for 2 of those weeks, once at the beginning of May and once at the end, but what about the other 4? And that’s just the length of time I can’t put weight on my leg. What about when I have to be super careful for a while after that??

I’m also really worried about all the other things that need to get done. I need to get organized, like yesterday, and get these things planned out and delegated. I’m ordering Home Chef for Dave to cook some nights, but I suspect there will be a lot of take-out involved.

I called my parents, let Casey talk to them for a bit, then got the phone from him and asked my dad if he wanted me to order extra Home Chef for him. He said he’d just get food at the place by the hotel he’s staying at. That’ll be fine. He also should be able to get to our house early enough to get Casey off to school. At least then he doesn’t really have to do much besides wait for the bus to drop Casey back off at the house.

I also need to call the school and see how to go about listing my dad as being able to pick Casey up if there were to be any kind of emergency.

For the day of the surgery, I need to see if Courtney can watch Casey. She’ll probably have to drop him off, since she drops her kids off, but other than that he can start taking the bus this coming Monday, to get used to it.

Ugh there’s just so much to think about, it’s stressing me out!!

Dave got home about 7 and opened a package he’d gotten from the Army PX web site. It turned out to be a Garmin fitness tracker/smart watch. Just Sunday I’d noticed his el cheapo (like, $2) fitness tracker (glorified pedometer) sitting on top of the printer. I figured this meant he was done with it, and looked to see what mine was costing these days. I’d gotten it on a Christmas deal for $20, originally $80. When I’d looked on Sunday it was marked down to $50, which I thought was still too much to spend with our finances. So when he showed me a Garmin brand, I flipped my lid. He wouldn’t tell me what he spent on it, so I looked it up and the lowest price I could find was $150. I really flipped my lid after that.

So he asks me who got bought the Roomba. I’m like, uh, my parents? He acts like this is his justification, he doesn’t have parents that can buy him nice things like that, so he has to buy it for himself. What in the actual fuck? Is he serious? It’s not my fault his dad’s dead and his mom spends all her money on booze instead of him! We have over $30,000 in credit card debt, and he’s spending $150 on a fucking smart watch? He asked me if I wanted him to send it back and I’m like, yeah. He’s like, so then you need to send back all your vape stuff. Oh those are two totally different things!!! But I didn’t feel like arguing anymore, so I told him to just keep it.

A little while later I asked him if he noticed anything different about the house. He proceeded to walk around mentioning this being a mess, that being dirty, and another thing being dusty. He didn’t notice the floors were finally clean after 2 months. The living room’s a mess because it’s covered in toys that Dave brought home, second hand, for Casey. It’s like a whole city set-up. There’s not much to dust anywhere in the house, so I don’t know where he got that from. And whatever else he mentioned is just as trivial I already forgot. Oh, his bed wasn’t made. That’s not my job! I make my own bed every morning while I’m getting dressed. I don’t sleep in his, so he can make it his own damn self. So I finally mention that I’d mopped the floors and killed my knee in the process, and he didn’t seem very impressed or appreciative. What the fuck ever. It probably won’t get mopped for 3 more months now, because of surgery coming up. I damn sure am not going to mop it again before my surgery, it hurt me too much to do it.

So, after all that, I got in the shower, then got back on Wiz for a short while. Got Casey to bed, later than I should have again, and read to him a longer book than I should have for how late it was.

Once Casey was in bed, I got back on Wiz and worked on side quests some more.

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