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Sunday & Monday

Honestly, I feel like crap right now, and I just don’t know that I have it in me to do a lengthy post. But, I’ll try and get the long and short of it in here anyway.

Slept ok Saturday night, woke up on time to my alarm Sunday morning.

Got coffee, parked in SL, tended garden in Wiz, rolled die in DDO, then got on Aura Kingdom.

Dave made pancakes, with that gluten free bullshit. I’ve *coincidentally* had a stomach ache after every time I’ve eaten them. I gave it one last shot. Regretted that decision the rest of the day.

Played on AK on and off all day, while sneezing periodically. My throat was sore, too. Wonderful, catching my first cold of the season. Probably because I keep my window cracked most of the time.

Dave asked me to proofread his philosophy paper for him. It was a debate paper on the argument about creationism versus evolution. It seems his belief, or lack thereof, is even further cemented.

Had a frozen meal for dinner, but got a turkey breast in the oven for Dave for him while he showered. I ate a few niblets off it.

Got Casey to bed and continued playing on AK. I finally reached that point, though. I have one main quest, which I can’t do without better gear and help. I have one side quest I can’t hand in because I haven’t unlocked other maps. That’s it, no other quests. I can’t move forward until I’ve completed the dungeon I have to do, and reached level 85. I’m level 82. So I’m kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’ve known this was coming, but I’ve finally reached that point.

Got to bed at a somewhat reasonable time. Slept ok. Got up to alarms this morning, but felt like shit from this cold I’ve caught.

Got my coffee, got parked in SL, got my gardens tended in Wiz, got my die rolled in DDO, then got myself on AK for the rest of the day, more or less, on and off.

Thawed out some italian sausage meatballs to make spaghetti for dinner. I was planning to make 2 sauces. One pumpkin chipotle, and the other regular garden veg. I was curious about the pumpkin chipotle and wanted to try it. I actually cooked dinner! And I kinda liked the pumpkin chipotle.

Other than that, been pushing fluids and playing on AK all day.

Now it’s storming outside, severe at times. Casey’s scared. He’s laying in my bed watching stuff on his laptop. I might even let him sleep by me tonight.

I need to send an email to my physical therapist. That I’m sick as a dog with a contagious cold and probably will not be there tomorrow.

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