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Sunday & Monday

Got up super early Sunday morning and hopped in the car with Dave and Casey to go to Illinois to visit Dave’s brother, sister-in-law, and new baby niece. Dave drove, which was nice since I wasn’t nearly caffeinated enough to drive yet, not for a 4 hour drive anyway. I thought Casey would have slept for all or most of the way, but he was awake the whole time. He chatted with us on and off, usually talking really quiet so we had to turn the music off and strain to hear him.

The visit was nice. Holly and Ruthie weren’t home when we got there, and Tom was outside getting the grill going. We weren’t there long before Holly got back with Ruthie and their dog, Rocky. I hadn’t met him yet, either. He’s a very friendly puppy! And, oh, how adorable little Ruthie is! I got to hold her for a little while, but Casey was hogging her for most of the afternoon.

Tom made brats, hot dogs, baked beans, and salad for a late lunch/early dinner. It was pretty good! Ruthie was snuggled into one of her soothing machines while we ate. Casey had one like it, but not quite as fancy lol. It just kinda rocks back and forth, like a swing without taking up all that space.

A little while after we ate, Tom suggested we take Casey to the park. They asked if I wanted to drive over or walk, because it was a couple blocks away. I said I’d be fine to walk. So, we headed over, and the boys played on the playground for a while. Holly and I watched and chatted a bit while they all ran around. I got a picture of Tom and Dave on the see-saw, that was fun to watch.

I noticed the time and indicated we should probably head back. It was getting late, and we’d probably not get back home until at least 9pm, and Casey had school in the morning. By the time we got back to their row of townhouses, I was sore all over from pounding the pavement. I guess hiking in the grass is more suited for me. So, I headed to my car and got it started up, and waited for Dave and Casey to get there so we could leave. They must have chatted for a while, because it seemed like a good half hour before they were back out.

The drive back was foggy and rainy, and part of it was slow-going due to an accident on the road. Casey slept most of the way back, and I dozed on and off quite a bit myself. By the time we made it back home, it was 10pm! We got inside and got Casey to bed right away.

I was up about another hour and a half. I ended up booting up the computer and taking care of my free book & paid emails. Then I watched an episode of Harlots on Hulu. I also got on Aura Kingdom for a few minutes. It was about 11:30 when I finally made it to bed myself.

I slept ok, but didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Something about long car rides just wears me out. I managed to drag myself out of bed on time, and was relieved to see that Casey was already up. One less thing to worry about! I wasn’t even going to try to get him on the bus, though. I wanted to be sure he was well woken up and content before taking him to school. The last thing Mrs. Conner needs is a cranky Casey from our road-tripping the day before. So, he had breakfast, and told me he wanted hot lunch at school today. Another thing I don’t have to worry about! It must be my lucky day!

It was raining, so I wasn’t rushing to get out the door. It works out better for me if I can just walk with him to his classroom and not go back to the gym and all that back and forth. Got him to school, and by the time he had his shoes changed the bell was ringing. I barely made it through the stampede of tiny little feet on my way out of the building.

Back home, I got my coffee, got on SL to park, Wiz to garden, DDO to do the dice roll, Aura Kingdom just to check a few things, and then on to Minecraft. I didn’t know if I wanted to spend the day on Minecraft or something else, but I wanted to get on it for a little while, anyway. I ended up looking for the nearest Nether Fortress to our portal home and spent a good bit of time building and lighting pathways from the portal to it.

Dave ended up going to the store, so I got to talk to Colin for a while. That was nice, it sucks when we can’t talk because Dave’s home. He got on Minecraft and I showed him all the stuff I’d been working on since he was last on with me a couple days ago. He seemed pretty amazed at how much I’d gotten done. I was in the middle of showing him the Stronghold where the End Portal is, when Dave got back. So, we got off Skype, but he stayed on long enough for me to show him the rest of what I’d been up to on there.

I stayed on Minecraft and ended up putting a secret trap door under some carpet in the bedroom, leading to a small chest room where we can store stuff that Casey will hopefully not find.

About the time I was done with that, it was time to go get Casey from the bus stop. He grabbed a snack and then came and told me he was ready to get on Minecraft. I’d already booted his laptop up, so got him signed in while he went and got his chair. He went into his Mushroom Island world, and I worked on filling in a gaping hole he’d left in the earth after playing with TNT.

Dave made some kale veggie burgers with sweet potato fries and tater tots for dinner. It was ok, but those burgers are always too mushy.

After dinner, we got Casey to (begrudgingly) sit on the toilet for a while. I started a download of the Minecraft world from long ago, because I’d lost my saved copy. While that was going, I worked on free book and paid emails. Once Casey was done in the bathroom, I went and took a shower. It was overdue, lol.

After the shower, I got Casey to go sit on the toilet again while I searched for stuff on Wayfair. I want a Sugar Skulls dinner plate. Like, porcelain or something. Not paper. I got my tervis tumbler from there, so was hoping they’d have some sort of plate. I wasn’t able to find it, though. I’ve searched Amazon already, and did Bing searches, but have come up empty so far. One day!

Once Casey was released from the toilet, lol, he got his important stuff done and I got him tucked into bed.

Now I’m just going to play around on Minecraft for a bit, but not sure what I’m going to do for the rest of the night. Another episode of Harlots wouldn’t be a bad thing, but not sure yet.

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