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Sunday & Monday

Sunday wasn’t incredibly eventful. Got up, got my coffee while getting parked on SL, then got on Conan. Spent a bit of time on there, and also was sure to get the Shutterfly calendar ordered before I got in too deep. I’d forgotten to finish it and place the order the night before. and then went to the store for some things I’d forgotten to get at Aldi. I asked Dave if he wanted me to get anything, and he asked for some beer.

I was looking around to see if there was anything else I wantd to pick up for Casey, and found a Mario bath set. It was only $5, so I grabbed that for Casey. I asked myself/Colin what to get for someone you can’t stand. Nothing, that seems like the reasonable answer.

While I was at Walmart, I saw a little cheap martini set and wanted to get it. I talked myself out of it initially, but then decided “why not?” When I got home, Dave was going off on me about how I need to be preparing for when we split, and that he guesses we can afford to get my tires on my car now if I’m buying alcohol. I pointed out that he shouldn’t be asking for or buying alcohol then, either.

I was pissed at Dave for going off on me, so while him and Casey got the Christmas decorations put up, I sat in my room pouting. Then I was pissed at myself for staying in my room when I could have been spending the time, at least with Casey. But, Dave would be there too, so, yeah, I just can’t do that.

Spent some more time on Conan, but then my right hand started going numb. I thought, well, looks like I’ll either be reading or watching my shows. So, I spent a couple hours going through books I wanted to put on the kindle that used to belong to my dad, which he’d given to Dave, who then gave it to me after having but not using it for years. All of this I did, via the computer.

Got a shower and then tried to put my shows on because the kindle was dead and still charging, plus it was dark in my room by then. I couldn’t get my shows to stream, wasn’t even getting an error. I tried to find a movie on Netflix, but that wouldn’t stream either. So, I launched Conan, but then noticed I had no sound. So, I restarted the computer. I tried streaming my shows again, and it worked! So, I watched an episode each of NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, and Criminal Minds. Then I jumped back on Conan for a few before going to bed.

Monday, got up and got my latte, and parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dave was still in bed, so I didn’t know what was going on. He’d said something about a half-day holiday schedule, but didn’t go into detail. And if I were to ask, I’d get some snide reply about it being none of my business.

Dropped Casey off at school, then went back home and got on Conan for a bit. I wasn’t really up for it, though, so then I just scrolled through Facebook for a while. I checked into the vision insurance that we could have enrolled for, after noticing that I’d missed the open enrollment period. Turned out I could still sign up, so I picked a plan and got enrolled. The coverage will start on January 1st. After that, I decided to just do my free book & paid emails. While I was doing that, I thought, I should go get my hair cut. It’d been nearly a year, so it was definitely long overdue.

While I headed to Walmart for my haircut, I was able to talk to Colin. They said it’d be a 45 minute wait, so I put my name in and went to Subway for a breakfast sandwich. Ate that, then headed back to the salon to wait. I ended up waiting about an hour altogether before I was finally called.

The last time I got my hair trimmed it’d been about a year as well, and the gal had said I needed about 6 inches off. I expected the same this time, but she shocked me by saying only about an inch, but I could get an inch and a half if I wanted to be absolutely sure. Hell yeah! I was complimented on my hair being healthy and beautiful. Guess the Suave Professionals 2-in-1 is where it’s at. She said that, most likely, I’d needed so much cut off last time because of having colored my hair within that year between those cuts.

After my haircut, I went by the vision center to make an appointment. Then I spent some time looking at the options they had available, finding nothing I liked that was also nickel free. I’m highly sensitive to metals, and if the frames have any nickel in them I will have a lot of tension and headaches. My current frames I wear the most are mostly plastic, but they have metal in them as well that affects me.

Once I was done there, I called Colin back for a bit while I headed through the store for a couple things.

When I got home, Dave made some comment about thinking I was getting a haircut. I said, I did. He was like, “It looks the same.” Well yeah, cuz, I only got it trimmed.

I headed back to my room and sat down at my desk. Dave walked by and said “No reason to be playing video games right now, we got all kinds of stuff to do. We have (this, that, the other blah blah blah). NO reason to be playing video games, you’ve been playing them all weekend.” A short while later, he comes in here JUST to see what I’m doing on the computer so he can make a comment about it. It wasn’t even a game, it was Facebook.

When the mail arrived, I went to get it. A relatively heavy package had Dave’s name on it. He ended up going off about why would my parents put his name on a gift… that’s… for him.

At one point, Dave walked past my room and asked how I can just sit there all day, don’t I get anxious or nervous? No, jackass, I get anxious and nervous at the thought of leaving my bedroom and running into you with your mouth that won’t ever shut the fuck up!

Dave started going off on me while I was scooping the litter box about how the whole reason he got another box was so we could clean it and change it out, and then going off on me about not scooping it in a week (it’s been 3 days) and so on and so on. I ask him if he just wants me to kill myself to make his life easier. Then I tune out and come to my room. I get a knock on my door, it’s Casey, I open the door and he hugs me, and lets me hold him while I cry.

I ended up leaving my bedroom door closed for a couple hours. Casey would occasionally come in by me, but when he’d leave I’d close the door behind him. So he BUSTS into my room and tells me it’s not fair for me to threaten suicide as a trump card to get what I want. I’M NOT THREATENING. I DO NOT HAVE A DESIRE TO KILL MYSELF. I’m merely asking if that’s what he’s aiming for, to make his life easier.

I ended up finally grabbing some wine. I couldn’t bear the thought of cracking open the martini bottles yet. I’d gotten the glasses and shaker washed, but just felt guilty for having bought the set.

I played a game of Uno with Casey, and otherwise just did stuff on the computer, besides Conan because I didn’t know what to even do on there. For dinner I just had the leftover salmon salad. I reheated the salmon for too long, it was dry. It still tasted good, just, eh.

When it was time to get Casey ready for bed, I was already pretty tired myself. So, after getting him tucked in, I went to bed.

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