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Sunday & Monday

I woke up stiff and sore on Sunday morning, despite having slept in my nice comfy bed again. Got some coffee while the computer booted, then parked on SL. After that, I got on ArcheAge to take care of my morning gardening. I had no desire to run the Gilda trade packs that were still needing to be done, so I used my labor for a few Tax Certificates for my house and called it a day on there.

I got on Fallout 76 and spent the rest of the day working on quests and character/camp maintenance-type tasks. I also ended up moving my C.A.M.P. further southeast. It would save me on caps in the long run, since fast travel requires them. I can fast travel to the Vault for free, and my own place for free, but everywhere else requires caps. It makes sense to have my home farther away from the vault, then, to save on caps. I was extremely happy with the new location and layout of my stuff.

Dave left around noon for a “weekend getaway” with Jennifer. As much as I wanted to warn him not to spend too much money while he was away, I am supposed to be getting away with Daniel this coming weekend and don’t want to be a hypocrite.

Casey spent the day doing his usual, going from one device to another depending on the battery level and what he felt like doing.

I ordered Pizza Hut for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking.

Casey was a bit difficult at bedtime. He had asked to watch a show on his laptop in my bedroom, while I showered, but the battery on the laptop gave out when the show had only been playing a few minutes. He was very upset and I kinda flipped on him and it resulted in an all-out fit. I think we were both just over-tired from camping. I did have a valid point, though. If he’s going to get that upset over electronics, then he needs a break from them.

I finally got him snuggled into bed and got back to Fallout 76 until I was ready for bed myself.

Monday morning I got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school at the usual time, then headed back home.

First I got on ArcheAge to take care of my gardening, then used most of my remaining labor for more Tax Certificates since I needed them anyway. I still didn’t feel like driving around the Gilda trade packs.

After I was done on ArcheAge, I took care of my free book and paid emails before hopping on Fallout 76.

I started having a lot of trouble at my camp with Super-Mutants getting too close and then destroying everything. I didn’t want to move again, but I knew that it would be too costly to continuously repair everything that the Mutants destroyed. So, I moved camp again, just rotated the front 180 degrees and moved across the stream. I still saw the Super-Mutants roaming and knew they’d occasionally get close but hoped it would be nothing like it had been.

I picked Casey up from school at the usual time and allowed him to watch his shows on his tablet for a while. When the battery died on that I said he could watch stuff on the Roku.

Dave didn’t get home until around dinnertime. I was making chili for myself, and Casey wanted chicken nuggets.

After dinner, Casey spent some time hanging out with Dave and I got back on Fallout for more questing.

I got Casey to do his bedtime stuff around the usual time and got him snuggled in. I got back on Fallout and continued questing until I was ready for bed myself, later than intended.

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