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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Greg and I slept in quite late, it was around 11:30 when we got up. It was so nice to just lay in bed on a lazy Sunday snuggling my love.

We spent a bit of time hanging out. I had to pick up a grocery order from Walmart between 1 and 2 so I left him at the apartment while I did that, then not long after putting the groceries away I took him back home.

I had to work at 5. The shift could have been worse, but it also could have been a lot better. One of the newer employees, Thor, was pretty much MIA the whole shift. I know he was doing things that needed doing, but he wasn’t doing a good job of letting me know what was going on. And he spent at least an hour helping Justin in the kitchen with dishes when I needed him to do other things.

Cheryl came in at 8, she was Thor’s relief. Things went more smoothly once she was there. I was able to delegate some tasks but did so based on what I know she doesn’t mind doing. I was a busy bee while she kept busy and also watched the registers. By the end of the night, the only thing we hadn’t gotten done was to change out the inside garbages.

I didn’t get to see Greg after work, but that was fine. We’ve been seeing so much of each other, and he hasn’t been spending a whole lot of time with his older son that lives with him. I did get to talk to him on the phone for a bit before heading to bed, so that was nice at least. I let him know that I traded my Sunday shift for a Saturday shift so we could spend time with his dad on Sunday and not have a time constraint.

I didn’t spend a whole lot of time winding down after work, I went to bed at a fairly reasonable time considering.

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