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I ended up watching one episode of 13 Reasons Why last night with a bag of popcorn and a glass of wine. Went over my daily calorie goal, because I couldn’t resist the snacks. I even ended up having a Special K chocolatey dipped mint protein bar before going to bed. Not too pleased with myself, but I was so hungry!! Anyway, I wanted to watch another episode of the show, but that would have kept me up super late.

Slept ok, not the best but definitely not the worst. Tried out the new pillow. I think it’ll be reserved for when anyone sleeps in bed with me. Namely, Casey. Cuz who else is going to sleep with me? lol. kinda.

Got up with my alarm, between 9:30 and 10. Felt pretty stiff and sore.

Got my coffee and settled in to do my computer stuff. Heard from Colin before I could get very far. We got on Skype and I got dressed in SL. I breezed through my free book and paid emails right away. And… yeah. That was pretty much it for a while, just did some light Facebooking while we chatted. I eventually launched Sims 4. And, I’m terrible. I spent $25 total to get the Jungle Adventure and Cool Kitchen Stuff packs. $35,000 in debt apparently doesn’t stop me!

During our call, I went to make another cup of coffee. I always have a latte type thing, just powdered mix with hot water from the keurig, and then 2 cups of actual coffee. I try and spread it out so the coffee doesn’t get to me. Despite that, this morning I ended up feeling some anxiety. I was on the verge of a panic attack, so I grabbed all my aromatherapy stuff and “oiled it up.” I felt better quickly, thank God. But, no more coffee for this girl!! Not for the day, anyway.

Also during our call, I made some cinnamon rolls for Casey. The icing for them was strawberries and cream, so I politely declined eating any. Just didn’t sound appetizing to me. Later, Casey basically said he’d picked that kind out just for me. I felt a little bad, but the idea of mixing a cinnamon roll with strawberries and cream is just… ick.

Got off the call with Colin around 1. Stayed on Sims for a little bit longer, until about 1:30. Got the dishes done quick while Casey ate some lunch. Which was, another cinnamon roll lol. Then I told him his time was up for the day on the Nintendo. He took it surprisingly well. He wanted to watch a movie downstairs right away, but I wanted him to take a break from electronics, so we played Candyland. I won the first game, but promised him a second game, and he won that one.

Then Casey asked again about watching a movie downstairs, so we got him set up with Thomas & Friends Misty Island Rescue. He’d wanted to watch videos of people playing Super Mario Maker, but I told him he needed to watch something else. Thankfully, he didn’t object. While he watched his movie, I went and scrolled through Facebook some more. Then I launched Sims 4 again, but didn’t stay on there long. Ended up back on Facebook.

A little before 4, Casey’s movie was done and he wanted to be super helpful. He offered to wash some dishes, but I told him I’d already done them. So I asked him if he wanted to help me with organizing the cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. He helped with that and then helped clean the stove burners. He washed one set, I washed the other 3. It works lol.

After we were done with our cleaning, I suggested laying down. It was a little after 4, but we were able to snuggle and rest for about an hour. Then we got up for dinner. While I microwaved my dish and made Casey a PB&J, I asked him to feed his fish some shrimp. It’s their special afternoon snack. I don’t know what he did, but there was about 5 times the amount of shrimp they should get in their tank. I grabbed a spoon and worked on cleaning some of that out. Then dinner was ready.

I had a General Tso’s Chicken bowl with an egg roll. While we ate, Dave got home. He jumped in the shower right away. Once I was done eating, I cleaned up the little bit of dishes that were in the sink and wiped down the counter. Then I sat back down at the computer and started to go through Facebook, but ended up starting on this post.

I’m typing this ahead of time and plan on publishing it later on. It’s 6:15, and I just went to the MyFitnessPal web site and adjusted my goals. It’s based on my current weight, my plan to do 30 minutes of some sort of exercise 3 times a week, and my aspiration to lose 1.5 lbs a week. Previously I had in that I would work out 6 times a week for 45 minutes, because I intended to do the Insanity workout again. I also had it set for me to lose 2 lbs a week. So, I didn’t adjust much, but it made a huge difference!! Like, today I *could* have another entire meal. I think I’ll reserve those calories to have a smaller bag of popcorn and some wine lol. And God help me to avoid excessive snacking after everyone else is in bed tonight!! (And every night!!)

It’s about quarter to 7 right now. I usually try to wait until just after Casey goes to bed to publish the posts on here, and that’s not for another couple hours at least. He’s currently on ABC Mouse on his laptop, which is my old “craptop” that’s only suitable for watching movies or some light web browsing. I think Dave might have suggested it, for which I’m glad. Casey doesn’t do his ABC Mouse enough. I prefer him to focus on his learning path, but he often just plays with his hamster. I might go in and try to put a time limit on that, but not tonight. We’ve had a good day and I don’t want to push my luck.

I’m just going to do some Facebook browsing for a few. I might end up launching Sims 4, not sure. Meanwhile, this post will be saved in the background while I do whatever I do.

So, a friend of mine I met on SL but only talk to on Discord these days has asked me to sign a “get well” card for a friend of hers who has food poisoning. I don’t even know this person. Sammy claims I met her at the easter party, but that was over a year ago. I have trouble remembering this morning, let alone someone I met over a year ago and haven’t spoken to since. I don’t want to sign this card. She already sent it to me and is being very persistent. I told her I had to go AFK. She simply responded, not missing a beat, that she’ll come back to me.

Sammy is very strange. The way I met her was very strange, too lol.

Our house in SL used to be across the street from our old DD shop, before we moved and rebranded to avoid copyright issues. When we lived there, this random person, Lauren Madrigal, found our shop through an add I’d posted in the Life2 group. She ended up trolling our house while we slept. We had givers out for our Life2 utensils, and she was able to snag ALL of it because we stupidly left the “Group only” access off. So that part was our stupidity more than anything, but she also clicked everything she could possibly click, rezzed a bunch of stuff from our rezzers, and changed the shapes and textures of everything she could. It was such a PITA.

Some months later, I get a random message from someone claiming that this other girl, who turns out to be Sammy, was planning to troll us as well. We just assumed that Sammy and Lauren Madrigal were somehow connected. And we were right! They’re friends! So, I decided to “keep your enemies closer” and ended up becoming “friends” with Sammy. Over the years since, she does all kinds of weird things. But, she’s generally a nice person. Just very strange.

So, it comes as no surprise, really, that she’d want me to sign some random card for a random person. I’m going to try to get out of it, but then again… wouldn’t it be nice if she did the same thing for me sometime? Maybe I should just sign it, be friendly. Idk.

It’s 8:30. Been playing the Sims. Enjoying it again, which is nice. Working on getting Jessica’s skills up for one of her aspirations, and trying to keep her husband, Nate, distracted. That’s a chore. I’ve been cheating their needs so I don’t have to worry about it. Sometimes I take care of their needs the “non-cheaty” way, usually I get so busy trying to get them to accomplish other things that I end up having to cheat it.

Casey’s watching TV upstairs while he munches on some popcorn, then I’ll get him to do his “important stuff” for bed.

Casey went back to his laptop after he was done with his popcorn, and worked on his ABC Mouse until that battery died. Got him to do his important stuff, and just finished reading to him and tucking him in.

I’m going to get to a good stopping point on Sims, then pop some popcorn and start watching 13 Reasons Why. Probably just the one episode again, we’ll see.

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