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Got up around 7 again. I’m not sure why I’m waking up so early when it’s the weekend. And then I find it difficult to stay up late, too.

Got my coffee, got on SL and parked, got on Wiz and did my gardens, got on DDO to do the dice roll… have I mentioned I really miss playing that f’n game? But Colin’s been unwell for quite a while and we play it together, so… anyway, after all that I got on Aura Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Casey got up not long after I did, and seemed quite well compared to yesterday. Almost as if he hadn’t been sick, except his appetite hadn’t returned.

Played Aura Kingdom off and on all day while Dave did chores, like his laundry and cooking his food for the week. Casey just lounged around, watching TV downstairs.

Once Dave’s food was in the crock pot and he’d wrapped up his other stuff, he sat downstairs and watched some TV with Casey. Casey wanted chocolate milk and potato chips, so what does Dave do? Gives it to him. A big ass sippy cup FULL of chocolate milk. And 1 3/4 single serving bags of potato chips.

All was well until about 7pm, when Casey started getting sick again. I heard him coming up the stairs and some noise, and was checking to see if he was ok, and he made a bee-line for the bathroom and got sick in the toilet. At this point, I’m uncertain if it’s just mucous, and also getting really worried about dehydration. I’m looking stuff up online, like to see if there’s a 24/hr nurse line I can call to find out if I should bring him in, and text my mom and talking to Dave about it, trying to come up with the best decision. Since going to the ER would just result in Casey getting an IV drip, there was no sense in torturing him just yet. Best thing would be to pick up some supplies from the store and start pushing the pedialyte and saltines. So, I put my brace on JUST to go to the store and get those things. I’d left it off because my skin needed a break. Would have been nice if Dave had gone to get it, but then I’d get chastised for sitting on my ass doing nothing but playing my games. Which is not all I do, but I’d get chastised for it anyway.

Got pedialyte, powerade, saltines, some powerade water flavor squirts, some bathroom size trash bags (cuz we’re running low on the plastic grocery bags we use in our bathrooms and for scooping the litter box), and some little 5oz bathroom cups, a bit bigger than what we usually use, so Casey can use those to slowly push fluids, and throw away his potentially germy cup after each use.

I got back home and set the stuff on the kitchen counter, then went to change back into the PJs I’d been wearing all day and take my brace off, skin still needs a break from it. I go back out in the kitchen, and Dave is in there getting ready to put his food away. He asks why I’m always crowding things in the corner by the fish tank, to which I respond that I was putting the stuff away right then. I start to put the pedialyte in the fridge, and he tells me not to put it there because he was putting the crock pot in there. I was like, so what am I supposed to do with it then? It has to be refrigerated. He angled the crock pot (he must’ve thrown stuff away earlier, idk) so there was room. He points at the fridge and starts acting weird, saying “I don’t have room for any more thought” over and over again while I’m putting the rest of the stuff away. I said he was making absolutely zero sense, to which he responds, “that’s because you’re a brain dead moron.” Umm, right.

So, after stuff was put away, I came back and started typing this up. Been yawning and yawning, so not sure I’ll be up much longer.

Autumn’s internet is still acting up. She had the crazy idea to try another reinstall while I was at the store, because her launcher wasn’t working right, but then her net started acting up, and she’s like, “Why didn’t I just leave it? It’s the net, it has to be.” I’m like, uhh, yeah… I coulda told ya that. (I didn’t say that though.) She sends me a screen shot of her network showing it’s connected, but it’s not the classic control panel so it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It is showing she’s connected to the network and that it has internet, but not at what speed. Could be 0.0001mbps for all we know. So, I’m now explaining how to get to classic Control Panel and find it in ye olde Network and Sharing Center, because it shows the connection speed. Not the download and upload speeds, but the connection anyway.

Other than that, just gonna do, something or another, on Aura Kingdom and then hit the hay.

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