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Woke up around 6:30, hearing Casey already jabbering away to Dave. I wasn’t in too terrible of a mood, considering I hadn’t heard from Daniel since Tuesday and hadn’t tried reaching him since Thursday.

Got up, got my coffee, and got on SL to park. Got on Wiz to check the gardens, but they didn’t need anything.

Casey got on Minecraft. He didn’t spend much time on there, though, before moving on to watching TV and doing other things.

Scrolled through Facebook a bit, but then got to reading my book again. Spent the day alternating between Facebook and reading.

I got on Aura Kingdom and ended up questing a bit because I was invited to a party and 3 other people joined as well. There’s an XP boost if you are in a party, up to 20%. I got to the (current) final dungeon of the game, but couldn’t pull it off. I ended up spending the rest of the day with that on in the background, using a “trainer cube” that gives XP every so often as long as you don’t move. So, it was back to alternating between Facebook and reading.

At one point, I took a chance and sent Daniel a text, saying I hoped he and Michael were having a nice time. He said they were, and that things were just crazy between work and Michael, but that he might have Monday off and come see me after dropping Michael off at school. I sent a couple more texts, but then left him alone. I never heard anything else from him about it, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be seeing him or not.

I made a pasta bake for dinner, vegetarian. It was pretty good. Dave said something about it being a good, quick eat. It certainly wasn’t quick! But it was good, whatever.

After dinner was more of the same.

Got Casey ready for bed and tucked in. While he was brushing his teeth, Dave dropped off something he’d printed off the computer. At first I thought it was a paper he wanted me to proofread, but it turned out to be an article about the level of honesty between online friends versus offline friends. I took it as a jab at me, so as I was walking to Casey’s room to read to him I laid it down inside the door of Dave’s room. Then I got to reading to Casey and tucking him in.

After tucking Casey in, Dave said that his professor had posted that article, and he’d found it was an interesting read. He wasn’t intending it as a jab at me, he just thought it was interesting and wanted to share. I accepted it back, saying I’d read it, and then got ready for a shower.

After my shower, I continued reading. The series was exciting again, but I was eager to get to the end of this section so I could freely enjoy reading other books. I just can’t abandon a series in the middle of it, but the way this series is split up into parts I feel that I can.

While reading, I launched Minecraft to reset the world back to the Survival mode without cheats and with achievements. It would be the way it was before the argument with Autumn and the end of our friendship. I just couldn’t bear that her home was gone.

Got to bed about quarter to 11, but it was still feeling like it was almost midnight. At least I’m a night owl anyway, so it’s not difficult to stay up later after the time changes. It’s the getting up in the morning I worry about, lol.

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